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Email marketing is one of cheapest and most effective ways of scoring genuinely profitable conversions in digital marketing.

Email marketing is the use of email to promote products and services, but at Cognition we know it can also be so much more than that.

With the right strategy and content in place, you can use email marketing to target the right people, build new relationships, start sales conversations, provide advice, and educate potential customers – and all personalised and tailored to the person you’re talking to.

We combine aspects of psychology, design, and content marketing to create visually appealing and conversion-focused email content that will generate leads, create engaged customers and ultimately, get them to buy from you.  

As an agency with a strong background in strategic and conceptual thinking, we ensure your email marketing is a part of your long-term strategy and brand-building goals. This way we avoid the dreaded junk folder and provide your customers with emails they actually want to open and engage with.

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Marketing automation & personalisation

Once you have the data in your CRM, you need a marketing automation and lead nurturing platform such as HubSpot to make light work of the heavy lifting for you. This means your email campaigns can be tracked and reporting and analytics are delivered at every stage of the marketing journey.  

As a leading UK Diamond HubSpot partner, and a founding member of global HubSpot partnership DXG, we are well placed to help you create personalised, relevant email content to your ideal target audience.

Lead nurturing & conversion optimisation

We start with your data, and we use all the tools available to us as an intelligent and experienced creative marketing agency to ensure that with the use of HubSpot, you target the right people.   

Once we have grabbed their attention with design and content and we know we appeal to them; we create the right amount of campaign emails to educate and inspire.  

Throughout the customer journey, we tweak and tailor the content they receive and use the analytics to ensure your leads convert to customers.

Email marketing performance

Think of our platforms as a sophisticated, motivated and completely capable work colleague, ready and waiting to be used to its full potential.  

On a single platform you can easily create, maintain, and tailor your email marketing campaigns to ensure they hit the spot.  

And the best part is that email marketing via HubSpot enables you to act on the behaviour of prospects in real-time, and adjust your campaigns accordingly.

Our services

We stand apart from commoditised ‘performance’ marketing.

Our services span four areas - each driven by powerful psychology and guaranteed to deliver lasting results.

& insight

Still relying on dated personas? We provide untapped insights into your audiences, using pioneering psychology.

& planning

There’s thorough, and there’s Cognition thorough. Trust our decades of experience in building meticulous marketing plans.

& creative

Tired of subjective guesswork? Our creatives combine deep expertise with a rare understanding of behavioural science.

Employer branding

Employer branding is non-negotiable. We help you apply psychology to recruit and retain the best talent.

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