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Marketing & Psychology in 2023

Human Psychology and Marketing in 2023

by Dr Peter Hughes on November 29, 2022
It is a function of our narcissism that we always imagine that the technologies we create will reimagine our humanity in significant ways. Of course, technological...

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Elaboration Likelihood Model

The Secret to More Impactful, Standout Messaging for Your Business: The Elaboration Likelihood Model

by Emily Johnson on February 14, 2024
In today’s overly-saturated B2B markets, messaging that truly cuts through the noise couldn’t be more important. But, amongst B2B’s complex customer journeys and...

Consult | Guide | 2024 Brand and Psychology Guide

Discover how to solve your branding challenges with psychology. Download our guide to learn 4 lessons from psychology and apply them to your brand in 2024. Gain actionable insights for messaging, nurturing prospects, data analysis, and employer branding.

The Framing Effect: What marketers need to know about this cognitive bias

by Sophie Albert on January 11, 2024
‘The Framing Effect’ is one of the typical cognitive biases which affects how decisions are made based on the way in which information is presented to us. If you have...
Content Marketing in 2023

How to build a successful 2023 content marketing strategy

by Kerrie Malone on January 10, 2023
It’s been almost thirty years since Bill Gates claimed that, “Content marketing is king” back in 1996, but content marketing is still widely used and highly effective...

INFINITE Magazine | Landing page | Issue 2. | Web3

Introducing the second issue of Infinite magazine, and in this issue, we're focusing on the new era of the internet, Web3.

The Cognition Brain: The perfect blend of Science and Creativity

by Olly Forrester on September 28, 2022
Psychologist and Cognition Co-Founder, Dr Peter Hughes, explains how our proprietary methodology combines scientific and creative thinking to deliver outstanding...
How to use digital marketing to generate and nurture leads

How to use digital marketing to generate and nurture leads

by Dan Edwards on September 14, 2022
When you consider all of the digital marketing channels, tools and tactics available to businesses today, crafting a successful digital marketing strategy can seem...
The Importance of Marketing Psychology

Why psychology is so important in marketing

by Dan Edwards on August 10, 2022
Understanding the thought processes of our target customers is an essential step in marketing. By understanding their likes, dislikes, wants and desires, we can gain a...

INFINITE Magazine | Landing page | Issue 1. | Psychology

Introducing the very first issue of Infinite magazine, and in this issue, we're focusing on a theme that runs through the core of our business: psychology.