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A Marketer’s Data Dilemma: Why More Isn’t Always Better

by Emily Johnson on April 10, 2024
In today's data-driven marketing landscape, the sheer volume of information available often leaves marketers feeling overwhelmed. According to a 2022 study by Adverity,...

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Who Cares Wins: How Values Build Brands

In the past, the focus of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was largely a matter of internal priorities. That is no longer the case. Any brand wishing to prosper has to have its virtue recognised by external bodies.

How to Successfully Engage Out-of-Market B2B Prospects: The Information Gap Theory

Unlock the power of the Information Gap Theory in marketing strategies. Explore its nuances and applications in our insightful blog post.
Elaboration Likelihood Model

The Secret to More Impactful, Standout Messaging for Your Business: The Elaboration Likelihood Model

Discover the power of Elaboration Likelihood Model and how it can help your business create impactful messaging that stands out in saturated B2B markets.

The Framing Effect: What marketers need to know about this cognitive bias

‘The Framing Effect’ is one of the typical cognitive biases which affects how decisions are made based on the way in which information is presented to us.

The Cognition Brain: The perfect blend of Science and Creativity

Psychologist and Cognition Co-Founder, Dr Peter Hughes, explains how our proprietary methodology combines scientific and creative thinking to deliver outstanding marketing results.

Why psychology is so important in marketing

Why is a knowledge of psychology so important in marketing? We explain all in our latest blog.

INFINITE Magazine | Landing page | Issue 1. | Psychology

Introducing the very first issue of Infinite magazine, and in this issue, we're focusing on a theme that runs through the core of our business: psychology.

Consult | Guide | 2024 Brand and Psychology Guide

Discover how to solve your branding challenges with psychology. Download our guide to learn 4 lessons from psychology and apply them to your brand in 2024. Gain actionable insights for messaging, nurturing prospects, data analysis, and employer branding.

GUIDE | Landing page | Digital Marketing Made Simple

Download your free guide, 'Digital Marketing Made Simple', a Cognition guide for directors and managers.