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The Cognition Brain is scientifically robust and commercially effective. The three systems mirror the basic cognitive processes that drive decision making.


The Data

Our scientists who lead the Data System include world-leading qualitative and quantitative psychologists, mathematicians and neuroscientists.

Their contribution to the Scientific Board is unmatched by any other UK agency and their statistical and research expertise is essential in evaluating the most effective ways of enhancing customer engagement, driving sales and building sustainable marketing strategies.


The Story

In the Story System, our storytellers (writers, creative designers, visual artists, illustrators and videographers) use the research capabilities and data literacy of our scientists to construct compelling brand stories and carefully segmented messaging strategies.


The Engagement

Strategy development and ongoing content production is the output in the Engagement System, along with tactical marketing as required. 

Based on the output from the Data and Story Systems, our strategies and content will be optimised for maximum impact on your target audience.


Dynamic feedback loop

The Cognition Brain is a means to deliver simplicity and cut through the noise. It's also a dynamic feedback loop:

  1. The starting point is the gathering and analysis of research data
  2. We then ‘storify’ this data in multiple formats (blogs, videos, white papers, social posts etc.)
  3. These assets are then used to improve and engage your audience

This engagement creates new and better data which improves the story and increases the effectiveness of subsequent engagement in a dynamic and self-improving feedback loop.

The Cognition Brain in action


Multi-channel campaigns for life-changing products.


Driving a return on ad spend of over 400%.

Connex Partners

Creating a sophisticated marketing strategy from scratch.

Ready to transform your marketing with The Cognition Brain?

Cognition’s ability to translate our complex technology into simple, compelling propositions was incredibly impressive. They developed all the creative to take two new Blatchford products to market and the campaign engagement has been excellent.

Emma Marsh - Marketing Manager, Blatchford
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Cognition built a coherent marketing strategy that aligned with our goals and a clear path to execution. We could have taken it to anyone to execute but given the quality of the work we had seen it was an easy decision to use them to deliver it.

Benjamin Collins - Managing Partner, Connex Partners
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Cognition is helping us to drive a wholesale reappraisal of our approach to marketing, including implementing inbound marketing tactics across the global WSE network.

Ivan Croxford - Head of Marketing Programmes Development, Wall Street English
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On the basis of effectiveness and good measurement now in place we can start to have some creative fun.

David Saunders - General Manager, Jaguar Land Rover
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