Why Cognition?

Cognition changes the way organisations think, feel and act through a proprietary blend of marketing, sales, technology and psychology.


The science behind effective marketing

Our Scientific Board is composed of experts in cognitive science, psychology, neuropsychology, organisational behaviour, data science and Electroencephalography. It is the first of its kind to be set up by a UK agency and brings rigour to marketing and sales.



DXG: The power of scale

Based in the UK, France, Dubai, Spain and South Africa, DXG is a Group of four leading digital marketing agencies. With almost 200 marketing and technology experts, we have the skill and scale to solve any marketing problem, for any organisation, anywhere in the world. We are also recognised as one of the largest global HubSpot Partner Groups.



Lindsey, Peter and their team are experts, a team of very valuable professionals, incredible results in a short time!!

Juan Pablo Niño Cortés, Wall Street English


Psychology and digital marketing

Cognition was co-founded by a psychologist and psychology underpins everything we do. It means we understand how people make decisions and how businesses can influence that process. We are experts in using data and behavioural science to map the customer journey, increase transit time through the sales funnel and enable our clients to close more deals at a higher value.



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