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HubSpot has introduced its Operations Hub Enterprise tier, a solution that comes complete with robust data tools, enhanced integrations and even more flexible automation capabilities.

The 1st of November 2021 saw the launch of HubSpot’s new and improved Operations Hub, a suite of tools designed to supercharge the complete HubSpot CRM platform. The upgraded Operations Hub introduced its Enterprise tier, a solution that comes complete with robust data tools, enhanced integrations and even more flexible automation capabilities.

Before we dive into the newly launched Enterprise Tier, let’s take a look at the original HubSpot Operations Hub tiers and what they offer organizations:

HubSpot Operations Hub Free offers:

  • Two-way data sync
  • Default field mappings
  • Historical sync
  • All third-party integrations

HubSpot Operations Hub Starter offers:

  • Everything available in Free
  • Custom field mappings

HubSpot Operations Professional offers: 

  • Everything available in Starter
  • Programmable automation and bots
  • Webhooks
  • Data quality automation


The above Operation Hub offerings set the standard for operations technology however, the Enterprise tier was added after HubSpot recognised that modern businesses have been struggling as they scale. You see, modern processes and systems quickly become unmanageable as a business grows and of course, this unmanageability inevitably leads to a disconnection between teams which causes a snowball effect that results in a noticeable business decline.

HubSpot set out to eliminate this issue by creating a platform that betters operational efficiency and eliminates the complexity that comes with scaling a business. HubSpot’s Operations Hub Enterprise gives your business and departments a unified toolset that has the power to connect apps, clean and curate customer data and automate business processes in a single CRM platform.

HubSpot’s new Enterprise Operations features are designed to align teams with the most connected data to ensure operation processes are kept efficient at scale. This gives teams the opportunity to spend time creating effective business strategies as opposed to wasting time on reactive data tasks. 

The HubSpot Operations Enterprise offers:

  • Everything in Professional
  • Datasets
  • Reporting calculations
  • Snowflake data share
  • Additional reports, lists, and workflows


The HubSpot Operations Hub packages scale with your business as you grow and HubSpot Operations Enterprise is set to take that scaling to new heights. 

Let’s take a closer look.

What is unique about HubSpot’s Operations Hub Enterprise

The HubSpot Operations Hub Enterprise has been designed to curate your customer data for quicker and easier reporting. The Hub enables data leaders to efficiently curate reusable tables for users, pre-select fields, calculate values and enable simple reporting and provide the most comprehensive insights. 

What is unique to the Operations Hub is that it brings business intelligence features into Hubspot for the first time, allowing for greater reporting and support for even the most complex businesses. There are three significant features that have been added to HubSpot’s Operations Hub and these are Snowflake Data Share, Datasets and Calculated Fields.

Snowflake Data Share: HubSpot has introduced a native integration with Snowflake, the world's leading data warehouse. With this new feature, you are able to pass your data from the HubSpot CRM to your Snowflake instance securely and quickly allowing you to analyze and curate your HubSpot data within your data stack. By having all your data united in your Snowflake instance, your team gains deeper customer insights quickly ensuring you provide an even greater customer experience moving forward. 

Datasets: As your business grows and your data multiplies, you will have more fields, metrics and objects to work with and this makes it difficult for your teams to build quality reports. Usually, analysts and op managers will have to answer one-off reporting requests because of this and the result in slow and inconsistent reporting due to reactive operations. With HubSpot’s datasets, operation teams are able to curate information into reusable tables and are then able to downstream users to create quality reports. This is a time-saving feature and provides operation teams with greater control over their data and helps for more consistent insights. 

Calculated Fields: Calculation properties made available through HubSpot allow users to fully customize calculations based on a variety of properties. An example of this is that a user has the power to create an equation that calculates the average value of a record. You can also create these calculation properties by creating a custom property and selecting “calculation” below “field type.” This means you can use your calculated fields to generate the most customized datasets that can be sent downstream. 

These are three of the most notable features that come with the HubSpot Operations Hub Enterprise; however, there are numerous powerful features that help your business as you scale. 

Operations Hub Enterprise also includes all the features in Operations Hub Free, Starter, and Professional, including:

  • Data Sync: This no-code package keeps your apps and data in sync and provides bidirectional sync, filtering, custom field mappings and historical syncing to ensure all your teams are aligned. 
  • Automation: With data quality and programmable automation, HubSpot Operations Hub Enterprise eliminates time-consuming data cleanup by automatically amending date properties, format names and more innovative automation properties. 
  • Programmable Automation: Write workflow actions to automate even the most complex business processes ensuring you stay efficient as you scale.

Who will benefit from the HubSpot Operations Hub Enterprise?

Just like HubSpot’s other Enterprise-tier offerings, the Operations Hub Enterprise tier is best-suited for larger organizations and multiple teams. The Hub is a powerful system for managing vasy operation data however, if you are a small business that doesn’t have massive departments (yet) then some of the Enterprise functionality may go to waste.

But size of your business aside, you may want to consider investing in the Enterprise offering if you are sincerely struggling with data operations across your business. Organizations that want to use a significant number of calculated properties in their databases would also benefit from the Enterprise Hub because it ensures your data is accurate even when it's sent downstream.

If the above represents your organization and highlights your goals for 2022, then Operations Hub Enterprise is the solution for you. 

The Wrap Up

As stated above, Operations Hub Enterprise is not for every organization; however, if you operate a larger organization and you need a more connected CRM experience for your internal teams, then the new Hub is ideal for your organization. 

As companies scale, systems and processes break. Teams build their own processes in isolation, data gets siloed, and efficiency deteriorates. To grow better, operations teams require the tools and functionality that are central to growth.  Whether you are a part of an Operations Team or run Ops for a single department, the HubSpot Operations Hub gives you a unified toolset to connect apps, clean customer data, and automate business processes under one central CRM platform. 

The result being an aligned, efficient and highly adaptable business that delivers a friction-free customer experience.

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