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Wise-up to Video Content

by Karl Jackson on December 07, 2017

Video is no longer an "up and coming" marketing tool. It is in fact pivotal to today's marketing strategies as it helps to build relationships between you and your customers and prospects.

One third of on-line activity worldwide is spent watching video content, 52% of people say that it delivers the best ROI of any online content and 43% of people say they'd like to see even more video content from marketers.
But they are not the only stats. The crucial figures suggest that video content from marketers grow revenue faster than non-video by 43% while video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%.
But that's enough reading for now - it's best that I practice what I preach and urge you to watch this now after all, a third of the world are most probably doing similar right now.

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Karl Jackson

This post was written by Karl Jackson

Creative Designer at Cognition Communications Limited

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