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Getting digital marketing right can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to see why. There are just SO many elements to consider when building a brand and driving sales and conversions.

A strong marketing strategy is critical to establishing a presence in your niche. Whether selling a product or service, it’s important to test a wide range of options, and consider if they’re the right solutions for your company. And that’s where choosing the right marketing agency comes in.

Take Workpad, for example. They were looking for a digital marketing agency that could rise to the challenge of getting their online brand back on track, and Cognition was only too happy to accept. So, how did we help them, exactly? We have put together this case study, which outlines our contribution to helping Workpad stand out among its target audience.

Who are Workpad?

Firstly, a bit about Workpad themselves. Offering a variety of fully serviced and managed options, this business is all about providing luxury office spaces to rent in prime locations across central London – some of which are highly sought-after. From Farringdon to Fitzrovia, Workpad takes pride in being able to find the right space for its customers and their businesses.

Workpad’s values of privacy and discretion, character, and service help create a bespoke brand message that resonates with the company’s luxury consumer base.

What was the challenge?

One of the most important findings for Workpad was that their website had a high bounce rate. This meant that although visitors were arriving on the site at a steady rate, they weren’t staying for long and weren’t interacting. Workpad needed to understand why, and fast. 

Enter Cognition. Through our combined digital knowledge and experience, the team identified three key pillars that Workpad should be concentrating on right away:

  • Brand awareness
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • Campaign optimisation

By giving focus to the areas where Workpad was likely to see the most improvement online, Cognition helped craft an action plan tailored to the business’s individual needs. The next step was to ensure that each of Workpad’s needs was met.

What did Cognition do next?

As part of the solution to Workpad’s digital dilemma, Cognition set about devising a clearer “Conversion Funnel” for the business to incorporate into its day-to-day online best practices. This funnel was, again, built around three key principles:

  • Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Conversion

For Awareness, increased activity across PPC marketing was identified as a strong course of action – specifically through the company’s Google Ads account. Optimising these ads would have something of a trickle-down effect, engaging users more with the website and email content before helping them convert via targeted landing pages. This is just one example of how Cognition’s marketing mentality helped Workpad view their digital future with greater optimism and enthusiasm.

The Workpad timeline

Workpad’s activity timeline – produced by Cognition and agreed with the client – incorporated much, much more than just one quick fix within a specific area of digital marketing. Our process featured a mixture of staggered and ongoing services, including but not limited to:

  • Website tech repairs – any technical failures that occurred during the scope of work (SOW) agreed
  • Website optimisation (CRO) – bug fixes, CMS and plugin updates, and landing page optimisation
  • Organic search – keyword research, strategy auditing / ongoing tech fixes, on-page optimisation
  • Content creation – continuous production of informative, impactful content tailored to specific search queries among Workpad’s target audience
  • Paid search – keyword research, copy, and ad set-up, plus ongoing review, optimisation and reporting
  • Paid social – ad creation and optimisation, plus scheduling to ensure the right posts reach customers at the right time
  • Organic social media – social posts responding to brand requirements and current trends wherein there may be opportunities for Workpad
  • Email promotion – amplifying new blog posts that we have created
  • Website support – design or UX suggestions, performance improvements, or other amends for consideration
  • Ad hoc support – any ad hoc campaigns or activity that took place during the agreed upon timeline

It was this thorough understanding of the digital marketing world, and extensive experience planning for many online eventualities, that made Cognition stand out when implementing the overall Workpad strategy.

Future plans

Having successfully delivered against the original SOW, Cognition are pleased to be continuing to help Workpad streamline their digital marketing even further.

We will be able to trial new online strategies that will help grow their business, while also developing on our existing work that has already achieved such great results, some of which include:

  • Improved quality of traffic, which in turn led to a significant increase in goal completions
  • A decrease in website bounce rate, with an increase in session duration
  • As of December 2021, through paid search, Workpad saw a 58% increase in conversions across all channels compared to the previous month
  • WorkPad also recorded its best December performance to date within the Organic Search channel. Year on year users had increased by more than +66% and also improved +71% for new users compared to December 2020.


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