Scientific Board

Scientific Board

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The Cognition Scientific Board

The latest step in our long-standing commitment to bringing greater levels of rigour and accountability into marketing. 

Cognition Scientific board

Our Scientific board is composed of experts in cognitive science, psychology, neuropsychology, organisational behaviour, data science and electroencephalography. 

After 20 years leading the industry in the integration of marketing, sales, psychology and technology, our Scientific Board is the first of its kind to be set up by a UK agency.

The overall mission of the Board is to provide guidance on how psychology, data science and neuroscience can make marketing and sales more effective.

Knowledge Transfer Partnership

Cognition has been awarded a groundbreaking Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Aston University.

Behavioural science experts at Aston’s School of Life & Health Sciences and School of Engineering & Applied Science will work alongside Cognition to produce a NeuroMarketing Toolkit (NMT).

The project will see trained psychologists, academics, software engineers, scientists and marketers pool their knowledge to develop pioneering new software capable of processing large amounts of data to serve the interests of consumers and businesses. 

Scientific Board Members


Dr. Carl Senior, MBA, PhD

A behavioural scientist with 20 years’ experience working at the interface between social psychology and organisational behaviour.

Georgia Alexandrou3

Georgia Alexandrou

Georgia is completing her PhD in Sports Neuroscience at the University of Stirling. The focus of the PhD lies in utilising a mobile neuroimaging technique (Electroencephalography) to study sporting behaviour in real-world settings.


Dr. Peter Hughes

Co-founder of Cognition, psychologist and expert in digital transformation and decision science. Peter is a published writer and has facilitated digital transformation projects in the UK, Europe, South America, Russia, the Middle East and Asia.

Adrian 1

Prof. Adrian Burgess

A world leader in electroencephalography, a specialised technique which records brain activity by measuring the very small electric signals that are produced by the brain.


John Berry

 Chairman at Cognition. With a career spent growing international businesses, John has established commerce in North America, Africa, Europe and Asia with considerable experience at harnessing the power of sales and marketing to create value in a global market place.


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