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Marketing Hub allows you to publish blogs, track ads, manage social media channels, host videos and even set up automated responses and chatbots.

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Why HubSpot Marketing Hub?

Combine multiple marketing streams on one powerful, easy-to-use platform. Integrate your sales activities to save time, simplify your message and reach your target audience. 

Engage more website visitors and convert more customers - create, run and optimise end-to-end inbound marketing campaigns as you grow. 

Take the complexity out of marketing with HubSpot Marketing Hub.


Key features

HubSpot Marketing Hub simplifies the work of your marketing team and focuses it on connecting with and engaging customers.

Simplify your procedures with features including blogging, landing page builder, social media publishing and advertising, live chat and email automation – as well as tracking and analytics tools to make sure you stay on track every time. 


Attract new customers

Attract and engage your audience with powerful marketing tools and features. Publish useful, engaging content, build your search authority and outrank competitors with tools that help you plan your content strategy and optimise your content as you type. 


Turn browsers into buyers

Design and launch beautiful landing pages without developers; easily build forms using a simple drag-and-drop editor; save time and streamline your efforts with workflows; nurture and create leads.

Automate your email marketing and track marketing campaign performance, and create mobile-optimised email campaigns that look professionally designed. 


Measure, report and customise

Make smarter, data-based decisions with powerful custom reporting and built-in analytics. Separate customer data into relevant reports and build dashboards to share that information with your team.


Sales and marketing alignment

Easily integrate HubSpot Sales Hub, Marketing Hub and CMS Hub for an all-in-one platform designed to enable your growth. With two or more Hubs integrated, different data channels can be automatically connected, providing an exceptionally powerful view of the entire sales journey.


Third-party integrations

There are more than 650 custom integrations in HubSpot’s App Marketplace, making it easy to connect HubSpot to your most essential business tools and functions. Compare and test different tools, explore the most installed apps and browse the Marketplace based on your specific departmental needs.


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