HubSpot Service Hub


Serve your customers efficiently, effectively and better with personalised responses to questions and issues.

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Why HubSpot Service Hub?

Spend less time on admin and more time helping clients succeed with the easy-to-use, simple to pick-up and master, HubSpot Service Hub. It essentially gives your teams all the tools they need to retain customers and grow your client base.


Scale your support team

Build a world class customer service team. Spend less time on data entry, help customers help themselves, and convert frequently asked questions into a searchable library of articles, videos, and documents.

Help customers in real time. Automatically send users to the right people and build better relationships.


Unite teams and collaborate

Unlock the power of your entire business with powerful collaboration and organisational tools, including Conversations inbox, HubSpot CRM, and Team management. 

Automatically track customer details and interactions to get the context you need to help customers succeed.


Enhance your customer service

Create a data-driven customer service experience that builds confidence and succeeds. Store and customise all the data you need to support your customers and keep track of all feedback.

Easily access actionable data to improve customer service, highlight top service requests with data-backed reports and assess team performance.


HubSpot Service Hub vs competitors

Service Hub includes HubSpot’s CRM functionality and seamlessly integrates with Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and CMS Hub, so your entire front office team have a complete view of the customer.

And with tools that make it easy to gather and analyse customer needs, you can surface powerful insights that drive impact in the rest of your organisation.


Supercharge your systems and refocus your time on where it matters most.

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