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Inside your Buyer’s Mind: The use of Psychology and Neuroscience in Marketing


"Mind Blowing"

"The talks were exhilarating, insightful and highly thought-provoking. The EEG and brain imaging studies are simply mind blowing. Can't wait to re-live the highlights"

Inside your Buyer’s Mind: The use of Psychology and Neuroscience in Marketing

June 30, 2022
Aston University


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This event, was first of its kind in the Midlands,  providing guests with remarkable insights into how your buyers make decisions. It also included a live brain imaging exercise!

Led by world-leading psychologists, neuroscientists and brand experts, Inside Your Buyer’s Mind was designed to change the way you think about marketing and psychology.


  • How brain imaging can be used in marketing
  • How to minimise the data you need to make effective marketing decisions
  • The key psychological drivers behind purchasing decisions
  • The major biases that can enable as well as distort effective decision making
  • How brands can use cutting-edge psychology to generate value
  • How psychology can help you to get the best out of paid and organic search



Speaker: Dr. Peter Hughes, Psychologist & co-founder of Cognition

Talk: What is the best way to look inside your buyer’s mind?

What is the best way to look inside your buyer’s mind? Understanding how people make purchasing decisions is the key to effective marketing. In this presentation, Dr. Peter Hughes will look at the three ways we can predict purchasing behaviour:

  • Data
  • Psychology
  • Brain imaging

Through case studies and examples taken from the latest psychological research, the link between marketing and psychology will be explored and delegates will get an original and practical guide to using marketing and psychology to drive sales growth.


Speaker: Dr. Carl Senior, Behavioural Scientist

Talk: Organisational Cognitive Neuroscience

Cognitive neuroscience has provided much recent insight into our social behaviour. Yet many people argue that this 'social cognitive neuroscience' suffers from a number of limitations. The most notable of these is its distance from any form of real-world applicability. One solution to this limitation is 'Organisational Cognitive Neuroscience' (OCN) - the study of the cognitive neuroscience of human behaviour in, and within response to, organisations. Given that almost all of us will spend most of our lives in some sort of work-related relationship, organisational cognitive neuroscience affords us the opportunity to examine the cognitive underpinnings of social behaviour that occurs in what may be our most natural ecology. The objectives of this session will be to introduce practitioners to a range of different neuroscientific specialisations, with the aim to build a greater understanding of OCN and the various techniques that can be employed. In turn this will ensure that the full range of opportunities to work with scholars throughout the psychological and neuroscientific domains are highlighted.


Speaker: Professor Adrian Burgess, PhD., FAcSS

Talk: Brainwaves: A Guide for Business

The electrical activity of the brain (electroencephalogram, or EEG) is being used to evaluate consumers mental states and, this talk will describe what the EEG is, how the brain produces it and how it might be used for marketing purposes. We show that the EEG has the potential to monitor the level arousal, focussed attention and approachability of marketing material on a second-by-second basis. We conclude with a proposal for how EEG might be used in marketing and what the strengths and limitations of this approach might be.


Speaker: Dr. Georgia Alexandrou, Neuroscientist

Talk: KTP-Development of Neuromarketing toolkit software

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships have been helping business grow for a number of years. KTPs connect UK businesses with UK’s knowledge base academic institutions with the aim of delivering business led innovation projects. The academic partner works with the business to develop a project, provide academic input, and recruit an Associate. The Associates act as knowledge change agents in an environment that is interdisciplinary and challenges them intellectually and commercially. The aim of this KTP project is to develop a neuromarketing toolkit software that will enable marketing professionals and businesses to gain greater returns on their investments. Neuromarketing has the potential to examine differences in the brain activity and improve the targeting of advertising campaigns. Even the slightest differences in an advertising campaign might influence consumers’ decision making and the success of the campaign. The objective of this practical session is to showcase an example KTP project and demonstrate how EEG can be used within a commercial setting.


Speaker: Lucy Hardy, Associate Account Director & Cognition HubSpot Lead

Talk: The practical application of psychology and user preferences through technology and automation

It’s all well and good knowing what is inside the minds of your customers, but how do you put this knowledge to work in your business?

Building on what you have learned so far about psychology and your buyer’s mind, Cognition’s HubSpot Lead Lucy Hardy will take you through a practical step-by-step process whereby you can turn academic theory and data into results.

From understanding where your customers are in the buying cycle to attribution reporting and making decisions based on real-time data, this talk will provide you with clear actions to rapidly improve your sales & marketing, starting today.


Speaker: Tom Cooper, Head of @tomcooperandco

Talk: Web3, a new era of digital ownership

The birth of the world wide web revolutionised our relationship with our customers.  For the first time, we could communicate with them without charge, and the era of email marketing was borne.

Then what we now refer to as Web2 came along with the advent of Facebook, YouTube and smartphones.  Our relationships with our customers have become diverted through a handful of platforms that now own our digital relationship with our customers.

But a change is afoot. In corners of the internet, a new movement is growing faster than the adoption of the internet.

Known as Web3, it displaces these middlemen and heralds a new era of digital ownership.

This presentation will explore a golden opportunity to deliver new value to your customer whilst building a community around your product that increases not only sales but also creates more loyalty and a stronger brand - without any intermediary extracting a cost-per-click fee.


Speaker: Tony Steffert, Researcher, Clinician, Consultant, Entrepreneur and Chief Technology Officer of MindSpire

Talk: All the world's a lab

The use of low-cost electroencephalogram (EEG) headsets for real-time Hyperscanning in a theatre.

This talk is about a project at the Barbican with the director, playwright, and performer, Simon McBurney of Complicite. We recorded the brain waves of 20 people at the same time for 3 nights, while they experienced the amazing production of ‘The Encounter’ with a thousand other audience members wearing headphones. In this one man show, Simon McBurney used a 3D binaural dummy head microphone, to transport the audience to the Amazon rainforest. This talk will discuss some of the issues of running a Hyperscanning studies outside the controlled environment of a Lab.


Speakers: Dr. Matt Buckley & Dr. Craig Hedge

Talk: What can brain imaging tell us about human decision making?

Half a century ago, our understanding of how the brain responded to events relied on studying animals. With the development of functional magnetic resonance imaging techniques like fMRI, we can now study how human brains learn, and react to changes in the world. In this unique presentation we shall examine what fMRI has revealed about how humans make decisions in the context of navigating through the world. As well as look at why consumers make the choices that they do, and how industries might use brain imaging as a tool to inform their own processes.


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Speaker BIOs

Adrian Burgess-speaker

Professor Adrian Burgess

Psychologist & Cognitive Neuroscientist

Adrian completed his PhD at the University of London. 

He is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a Member of the Mathematical, Statistical and Computing Special Interest Group.

A world leader in his field, he has served as the President of the British Association for Cognitive Neuroscience. His specialist areas include Cognitive Neuroscience and EEG, Structural Equation Modelling and Quantitative Psychology.

He has published 57 papers in peer reviewed journals and contributed chapters to several books.


Dr. Peter Hughes

Psychologist | Co-founder of Cognition Agency | Ghostwriter

Peter, who co-founded Cognition, is a psychologist and expert in digital transformation and decision science. He’s also a published ghostwriter and has facilitated digital transformation projects in the UK, Europe, South America, Russia, the Middle East and Asia. As a broadcaster, he has made many television appearances including Secrets of Superbrands, Addicted to Pleasure with Brian Cox and The One Show for the BBC. He’s helped high-profile people manage addictive behaviours and featured as an expert in many documentaries on leading figures in the entertainment industry.


Dr. Carl Senior

Behavioural Scientist

Carl did his PhD at the University of London. He is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a Visiting Professor at the Laboratory of Brain & Cognition at the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, USA.

He specialises in the understanding of non-verbal behaviour and the skills, traits, and motives associated with social dominance, power and leadership.

Associate Editor for a number of Journals including Cognitive Neuroscience and The Leadership Quarterly and has published 112 papers in peer reviewed journals.

In the field of Organisational Psychology, he was one of the first to develop a framework for applying the nominal group technique (NGT).

Dr. Tony Steffert

Dr. Tony Steffert


Tony is a researcher, clinician, consultant, entrepreneur and Chief Technology Officer of MindSpire. His main areas of research are, Real-time Physiological Sonification, qEEG/ERP (EEG Brain Mapping),  Hyperscanning, Neurofeedback, Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback, Wearables, Virtual Reality Bio/Neurofeedback.

He has worked on several neuromarketing projects with MyndPlay for British Gas, eBay, Clean Co. Gin and ROXi Karaoke, as well as a few TV appearances on “Stand-up to Shyness” with Rhod Gilbert, “Clever v Stupid” on BBC Three and on “This Morning” on ITV.


Lucy Hardy

Associate Account Director | Cognition HubSpot Lead

Lucy graduated from Leeds College of Art, where she studied BA Creative Advertising, a degree focused around the creative and psychological concepts behind advertising campaigns. She has since clocked up over five years of account management experience focusing on digital platforms, marketing and sales strategies, and campaign analytics. Lucy is the lead HubSpot strategist at Cognition and responsible for all technological advancements throughout the agency. She is driven by the evolving nature of digital marketing and the continual exposure to the latest technologies.


Tom Cooper

Head of @tomcooperandco

Tom is a technology lab and development partner building out innovative digital technologies with Cognition Agency. A digital thought leader, blockchain and consumer IoT.

Tom is the author of upcoming book "WEB3: what the millennials are building as they take charge of running the world"

Georgia Alexandrou-speaker

Dr. Georgia Alexandrou


Georgia has received her bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Cyprus. Before enrolling for a PhD degree, Georgia received her Master’s degree in Psychological Research Methods from the University of Stirling. 

Her interests lie within Cognitive Neuroscience and EEG and she specialises in the use of the electroencephalography technique in real world environments. She was awarded a PECRE (Postgraduate and Early Career Researcher Exchanges) award from SINAPSE to develop collaborations with academic research institutions in Italy.

Matt Buckley-Speaker

Dr. Matt Buckley


Matt is a Cognitive neuroscientist researching the memory processes involved in navigation and episodic memory, and how these processes change in healthy ageing and dementia.

Craig Hedges-Speaker

Dr. Craig Hedges


Craig is a Cognitive neuroscientist interested in decision-making, impulsive behaviour and improving psychological measurement.


"Great way to spend a day - immersed in the future of technology, making sense of 'real' data, cutting-edge marketing techniques, and brain-imaging for customer insights - Wow!"