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Begin building your presence and strategy in virtual worlds with Cognition’s metaverse consultancy.

What is the metaverse?

You’ve probably heard and used the term metaverse by now, but what is it really? It’s a hard term to define, simply because it isn’t one thing – rather, it’s a collective term for the multitude of virtual spaces where people meet up to watch videos, play games, attend concerts and collaborate on projects. 

From emerging technologies like VR, AR, NFTs and Personal Avatars, to the already world-famous games such as Fortnite and Roblox, the metaverse is the next big step in the evolution of virtual entertainment and experiences. Some would even go so far as to say, with our heads increasingly buried in a multitude of devices and apps, that we are already in the metaverse… So what can we do to make our mark?


Metaverse business opportunities & our approach

Think of the metaverse as a virtual world complete in itself. You can buy land, open virtual stores, create your own cryptocurrency or NFT… the opportunities are basically endless, which makes putting a metaverse strategy in place for your brand so critically important. 

The exciting thing is that this is only the very beginning. Whether you are creating unique IP or setting the stage to grow your audience, now is the time to prioritise the opportunities that make sense for your brand and begin building.


Our approach

Cognition approaches the metaverse with a three-step process that will help demystify this new landscape and drive tangible results. 

Step one: We analyse your needs and requirements as a business using a set of proven methods

Step two: We help you to define the metaverse opportunity and audience open to you

Step three: Our experts propose deliverables that can scale into successful projects for many years to come


Metaverse marketing

The metaverse is coming – the brands that will flourish in this new world and connect with their core audiences will be the ones who lay the foundations in the next year or so, creating valuable experiences which resonate with their target personas. 

Being digitally savvy is no longer enough. It is time to futureproof your brand and your marketing by joining the growing number of creators and businesses who are investing heavily in their metaverse presence.


Metaverse consulting services

Interested in beginning your journey into the metaverse? You don’t have to do it alone. Cognition, with decades of experience in emerging technologies, as well as a board of leading academics in psychology and behavioural science, are uniquely positioned to help you build your virtual presence and strategy. 

Whether you are looking to build a virtual world, develop an NFT, or create other digital assets in the metaverse, Cognition’s experts can guide you to a successful result that will pay dividends for years to come.


Begin building in the metaverse with Cognition.

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