11 Simple Steps to Effective Webinars

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With the new norm, and specifically with the COVID-19 pandemic being a shadow over 2020, it’s a proven fact that webinars are far safer, and more economical to plan, set up, and run with than the conventional face-to-face events, seminars and conferences.

In addition to that, far more businesses are reaping the rewards of networking and building more personal relationships with their customers and prospects through webinars - with the added value of measuring both the engagement and feedback directly through their online communication channels.

Transitioning to online webinars and events can be a mine-field for those who are new to the digital marketing world, and also for those who haven’t tested this channel before. Therefore it’s important to have a robust strategy in place and a highly organised process before you even get started.



Follow these 11 simple steps to creating and delivering successful and effective webinars:
1. Goals 
Ask yourself… What does success look like?
2. Strategy
Focus on the problem you are trying to solve
3. Technology
Choose a technology partner that suits your business requirements
4. Process
Run your project with military precision
5. Timeline
Work back from the go-live date
6. Design
Visual aids are an imperative for social authority
7. Promotion
Promote early and often to get results
8. Communication
Automate your communications
9. Delivery
Test, test, test
10. Post Communication
Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non nurtured leads
11. Measure, Review, Refine
MEASURE success
REVIEW the metrics,
REFINE strategy and communications for future webinars/live events

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