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Lindsey Witcherley

Lindsey Witcherley
As Inbound Director, Lindsey is responsible for driving overall inbound strategy and marketing automation across both UK & International territories.
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4 steps to ensure you have the right customers

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SME marketing: Measure, review, refine

It’s all very well having a well designed website offering excellent user experience and a targeted marketing strategy to match. But if you don’t have the..

The ultimate cheat sheet on inbound marketing

The average budget spent on company blogs and social media has nearly tripled over the last three years, and it seems as if everyone is talking about..

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Bill Gates famously said that he would spend his last dollar on public relations. PR is so valuable because it’s a chance to communicate with potential..

[Infographic] Cognition Recruitment: We Only Want The Best

At Cognition our team are not only our best asset but our most important asset. Check out this infographic for an overview of what we look for when..

How much social media (Klout) influence do you have?

The rise of social networking in the UK in recent years has been meteoric. Recent figures revealed by the National Office for Statistics (ONS) and..

[Infographic] Customer retention: the best way to guarantee revenue

  80% of future revenue will come from 20% of your current customers, according to research from Gartner. But which 20%? The fact is you don’t know, which..

5 ways to integrate content marketing into your existing marketing efforts

‘Content marketing’ is a buzzword taking the marketing world by storm. But how does it fit in to your larger marketing strategy? The idea behind content..

Content marketing: How to generate revenue by giving away information

There’s something that lots of marketers forget: marketing is not itself an end. It’s simply the means to an end – more sales. So to be worth time and..

How to adapt your sales strategy for modern buying behaviours

In 1998, the average consumer saw or heard 1 million marketing messages – almost 3,000 per day – according to Fast Company. That was 15 years ago. We’re..