3 tips for optimising your manufacturing company’s website

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How to optimise your manufacturing company's website

Digital marketing is, in relative terms, a recent introduction to the manufacturing industry – albeit one that’s growing in importance all the time. However, some longstanding principles and practices, embedded in manufacturing since WW2, can enable you to optimise the performance of your website.

Read on to discover 3 tips for optimising your manufacturing business’s website.

1. Minimise Waste

One of the key drivers behind post-war manufacturing was the minimisation of waste. After the war, materials were scarce and this compelled manufacturers like Toyota to maximise the utility of the resources they had at their disposal.

Apply the same principles to your website:

  • Eliminate wasted opportunities – For example, by capturing data in exchange for useful content
  • Show relevant products and services – And make sure you demonstrate why your customers should care about them
  • Create useful and informative content – Nurturing your leads through the buyer’s journey
  • Simplify your navigation – Make it easy for your leads to find what they’re looking for

2. Deliver the Right Message to the Right People at the Right Time

Just-in-Time (JiT) manufacturing processes, prevalent in the aftermath of WW2, depended on the availability of the right component for the right product at the right time. It was, in essence, a “pull” methodology that relied on information from customers.

High performing manufacturing websites work in the same way:

  • Use evidence and analytics based on customer behaviour to determine the content of your website
  • Make sure your content is tailored to your buyer personas at every stage of the journey, to ensure that they’re gradually nurtured down the sales funnel

3. Don’t Separate the Part from the Whole

 Effective manufacturing has always depending on knowing how every part, from product components to customer service, fits into the whole.

With your website, use the same principle:

  • Plan everything you do
  • Research, review and refine every element of your website
  • Test and create meaningful customer experiences
  • Integrate all the parts of your marketing strategy into a coherent whole

Follow these 3 tips to optimise your website’s performance, attract new customers and delight your current ones.


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