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9 landing page design mistakes you can fix today to increase conversions

by Simon Jolly on December 18, 2021
Your traffic sources are doing their job, people are clicking through and checking out your landing page, everything is going to plan… but then those people leave...
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[VIDEO] How to deliver successful webinars

by Simon Jolly on October 5, 2020
Delivering a webinar which engages, converts, delivers value, and acts as a lead generation tool relies on a number of key factors. This includes having a robust...
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Creating content to get shared

by Simon Jolly on August 22, 2017
Value occurs with online content when it gets seen, shared and connected to an audience. It’s fair to say we are spending less time searching terms on Google. We still...
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Building brand awareness in the digital age

by Simon Jolly on January 23, 2017
Branding today It’s increasingly difficult to build and reach new audiences without a solid content and social media strategy in place. In fact, 70% of marketers say...
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3 tips for optimising your manufacturing company’s website

by Simon Jolly on March 9, 2016
Digital marketing is, in relative terms, a recent introduction to the manufacturing industry – albeit one that’s growing in importance all the time. However, some...
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How the right creative helps you win business

by Simon Jolly on October 14, 2014
In a face-to-face situation, you can establish chemistry and build a relationship with a prospect. Salespeople can demonstrate their authority and establish credibility...
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How to brand a new product or service to win the right business

by Simon Jolly on October 2, 2014
When you’re preparing to launch a new product it’s natural to think about new branding to reflect your investment in development and aspirations for success. The key is...
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