4 compelling reasons to invest in a CRM platform

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems allow you to manage your interactions with current and potential customers.

They offer analytical tools and record management programs that enable you to identify, assist, and, ultimately, understand and satisfy your target market. With a CRM in place you can offer a customised, more engaging experience to individual people – and that is a powerful thing. 

Building better relationships with customers and prospects no longer needs to be a time-consuming and manual process. A CRM allows you to automate the bulk of such work, allowing you to focus your attention on areas with the most potential. Not convinced? Here are six compelling reasons – whether you are a small or large business – you need to invest in a CRM.

1) Personalised marketing

With organic reach on social platforms dwindling, many businesses are looking to email marketing to reach their target audience. Having a CRM system that captures email data and then auto-responds with a meaningful message can start a timely and personalised conversation with a prospect. 

Not only that, the ability to create and distribute email workflows to customers gives you the ability to stay front of mind and to share useful information. In a world where attention is in short supply, a CRM gives you the best chance of making an impact when it matters. 

2) Improved organisation and lead management

Customers will only buy your product or hire your services when they are ready. Gone are the days where we can pester cold leads and expect them to convert there and then. Also, gone are the days where organisations can be disorganised and successful. 

A CRM platform gives you the ability to collect and store lead data in a single place. This allows you to segment and learn more about your audience, and to target them with the right messages at the right time. As your data grows you can then prioritise more promising leads and segments, allocating resources to where they can be most effective. 

3) Task management 

Dealing with one or two customers as a startup is simple enough, but what happens when you start to grow? If you grow too quickly, without being prepared, it’s a given that the customer experience is going to suffer – and this can put the brakes on your business before it even begins. 

A CRM allows you to prioritise workflows, automate tasks and provide your customers with the exceptional experience they deserve. 

4) Performance tracking 

A CRM platform gives you real-time data and reporting that allows you to answer important business questions. Questions such as which marketing campaign is working best, which ad is converting the most, and which customer is the most valuable can all be answered with a CRM. 

Having a unified view of KPIs such as sales activity and email effectiveness can also help you stay connected to each aspect of your business, providing the data you need to constantly improve and optimise your marketing approach. 

Investing in a CRM platform is essential 

The CRM industry is now the largest of all software markets, with revenues expected to reach 80 billion dollars by 2025. The reason for this is because they work. Businesses that leverage their data and provide personalised experiences are going to win, now and in the future. Will you join them?

If you want to learn more about Customer Relationship Management platforms, download our guide How to Choose the Right CRM for Your Organisation.


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