4 reasons SMEs do not invest in marketing

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4 reasons why SMEs refuse to invest in marketing

With the average SME only achieving 39% of its planning marketing activity, business owners need to remind themselves marketing is key to achieving better margins and increased sales.

However, this doesn’t always happen. Each year, SMEs lose £122 billion in lost sales because they refuse to invest in marketing.

So what’s stopping them? Read on for the four main reasons why businesses are choosing to lose £122 billion every year.

REASON 1: Ego depletion

Running a business takes large amounts of cognitive and physical energy and SME owners blame a lack of time (21%) and money (36%) as the main reasons for not implementing a marketing plan. The effort of running a business, depletes their reserves of energy, so they are driven to sustain the status quo rather than change it.

REASON 2: Habit

Much of our behaviour is driven by habit. Repeating the same behaviours has two positive effects: it gives us the comfort of familiarity and it reinforces our need to believe that our world is more stable than it is. This is why, for instance, 35% of business owners and managers admit they purchase stationery ahead of marketing even though it is unlikely that £122 billion in lost sales will be recouped by over-stocking copier paper.

REASON 3: Representativeness

To avoid ego depletion, we derive general conclusions from specific experiences. If we have a bad experience with a marketing company we make that company representative of ALL marketing companies and given the fact that many marketing agencies do not function well in a non-corporate environment, there will always be sufficient experiential evidence to make such a generalisation.

REASON 4: Lack of statistical thinking

The brain has two systems. Psychologists, rather unimaginatively, call them System 1 and System 2. System 1 is fast, intuitive and happens automatically. System 2 requires effort and concentration. Statistical thinking is obviously a function of System 2. Habit, representativeness and the effects of ego depletion are the preserve of System 1. Missing out on £122 billion in lost sales is a function of System 1, since sustaining a coherent marketing plan requires concentrated effort.

Many businesses may be regularly missing out on valuable sales because of these four reasons however, it doesn’t have to be this way.

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