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As one of the early adopters of sales and marketing software provider HubSpot, we are proud to announce that we have reached the highest level of accreditation for a HubSpot Partner and Cognition is now one of the EMEA's biggest HubSpot Diamond Partners.

It has been a brilliant year for the business and we've seen 22% growth in turnover over the past 12 months, with 8.2% increase in profits in the last quarter.

Cognition has won 12 new clients since January, which has led to revenue growth of more than £1m.

It’s not just revenue that HubSpot takes into account when awarding Partners with Diamond status – but retention, software engagement, and “actual inbound marketing success”. Before Diamond, HubSpot partner agencies move through Silver, Gold and Platinum status. 

The team at Cognition have done us all proud. We’re made up of a great mix of creative, commercially-led people who all believe in the work we do and the real, tangible benefits that we can make to our clients. And that makes for a major success. We’d like to take this opportunity to recognise the hard work of our teams, as well as our friends at HubSpot. In the next year, we’ll be working on building on this relationship by continuing to co-host valuable training events for marketing and sales leaders.

The most recent of which was on 31st October, "Secrets of How Technology and Psychology Drive Growth"

As a Diamond Partner – we are now certified to the highest level for our competence in inbound marketing, which amounts to an endorsement of our expertise in ‘pull’ digital marketing tactics and channels.

HubSpot is, in our view, the best marketing automation platform on the market and we are proud to be a Partner. But we’ll also never recommend the use of HubSpot to clients if it isn’t right – we’ll always have our clients’ best interests at heart and part of that is selecting the right marketing and sales software for their businesses. 

This is because, crucial to using technology with any kind of success – a company must be capable of delivering a high level of consultancy, training and marketing nous. In addition, at Cognition psychological expertise runs through every part of what we do – because we know that understanding how customers think, feel and act is essential to the commercial success of a business. 

So far, we’ve implemented HubSpot in more countries than any other UK agency. And we believe it is our blend of marketing, sales, technology and psychology that makes these digital transformation projects successful. In territories as diverse as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Vietnam and Mongolia, to name just a few, we have implemented effective HubSpot implementation programmes. In the UK, we have used HubSpot on a wide variety of projects ranging for businesses of all sizes from start-ups to some of the world’s biggest brands.

We are excited about the next stage in our partnership with HubSpot and for what that means to our clients and our team.

Stay tuned!





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