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At Cognition, we have always had a policy of finding the best talent for every role and then providing the structure, training and mentoring necessary to enable employees to progress and grow.

This has certainly worked well over the years as we have two employees, who have been with us for more than ten years, and many more, who have worked with us for more than five - in a rapidly-evolving industry where the average employee stays around for less than two years!

In a competitive job market and with ambitious growth targets, it is vital employees are provided with the tools they need to operate effectively - especially under pressure. We use most of the industry specialist training organisations and methods to stay one step ahead in this fast-paced environment. However, for our company leaders, we recognised we needed something that little bit extra, that will drive them to outperform their peers and keep Cognition at the very top of its game.

A client introduced me to Cranfield University, he runs a rapidly-expanding IT business and has been sending senior employees to the Cranfield School of Management for a number of years. He swears by it to the point that he even enrolled himself on its intensive Business Growth Programme!

Last month, I followed his advice and sent two members of our leadership team to Cranfield on its four-day Essential Management Course – which took place over two weeks and the results were spectacular! They returned with a new understanding, discipline and an entrepreneurial attitude, which immediately resulted in them delivering income far more than the course fee within the first few weeks!

I read in the press last week that Cranfield is now 1st in the UK in the ranking of customised executive education programmes compiled by the Financial Times - a rise of seven places from last year and number eight in the world!

Hardly surprising then, that Cranfield has earned its place as a key element of our employee development process. We will undoubtedly continue to extensively use its resources for our team development in the future.


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