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Global research has revealed many of today’s CEOs have lost faith in the ability of their marketing communications agencies to create campaigns that deliver return on investment.

The majority (78 per cent) of chief executives, polled as part of a study by the Fournaise Marketing Group*, admitted they do not trust their advertising and media agencies to deliver performance-driven projects.

And more than three quarters (76 per cent) believe agencies are too ‘inward looking’ and talk too much about ‘creativity as the saviour.

The latest results clearly illustrate there are mainly two types of agencies, those that:

1. Are truly performance-driven and can be trusted
2. Those who pretend they are performance-driven, but in reality, are not

Cognition’s approach is evidence-based to ensure we deliver tangible results. We do not just simply create campaigns for the sake of it, we take the time and effort to truly understand what makes our clients’ customers tick.

We work hard to define the essential buying factors and signals. Only then do we create content and collateral that is proven to convert before measuring success in detail.

As a leading full-service marketing agency, we understand only too well just how taking an integrated approach is key to achieving tangible results and overall long-term success. We pride ourselves on delivering optimal results, across marketing, PR and digital, for minimal investment.

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