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Marketing intelligence that unlocks your sales potential

by Tim Witcherley on December 01, 2015

Marketing intelligence that unlocks your sales potential

For 17 years, we’ve enabled businesses to generate positive, quantifiable change in sales volumes and profit margins, thanks to our Marketing Intelligence.

We’re one of the only marketing agencies in the UK to have a dedicated research, data and analytics department, which allows us to gather and utilise marketing data for our clients. As a result, our clients grew by three times the average last year alone (Source: Grant Thornton). 

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Tim Witcherley

This post was written by Tim Witcherley

As the Managing Director of Cognition, Tim's drive is to ensure every Cognition client gets tangible, commercial outcomes. In increasingly complex marketing and sales environments, his relentless focus on delivering value, quickly and simply, is one of the main reasons why Cognition is now one of the UK's leading digital agencies.

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