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by Tim Witcherley on February 25, 2014


I knew immediately upon stepping through the doors of Cranfield University’s School of Management that my experience would play a pivotal part in shaping our future direction.

And how right I was. Not only was I presented with the chance to embark on an invaluable journey of refinement and reflection, but I formed many lifelong connections with a diverse mix of fellow business leaders along the way.

Literally weeks after ‘graduating’ from Cranfield’s prestigious Business Growth and Development Programme (BGP), we’re delighted to have seen one of our former ‘classmates’, Colmet Precision Ltd, benefit from our evidence-based approach.

Rather than launching into creating campaigns, we take our clients’ commercial goals as a starting point and get to the root of why their customers buy their products and services, through our Strategic Marketing Reviews (SMR).

We pride ourselves on providing SMEs with value for money, an objective that we demonstrated in our SMR for Colmet, which resulted in the Director, Colin Ball, sharing the following feedback with me:

“The subject matter was new territory for me, however I found it thoroughly absorbing and an enjoyable experience. Needless, to say, the new Colmet is looking very impressive and I can’t wait to move forward with it,” he said.

“Absolutely anyone could see the value for money in the output and the combined experience of the team. I felt quite special and it was much appreciated.”

We specialise in providing businesses with faster results and lower costs because of our straight-talking, forthright approach to marketing. We understand that many small business owners are great at doing what they do, however they’re not able to shout about their capabilities because they don’t necessarily have access to proven, professional marketing.

However, SMEs need to invest in their marketing if they want to remain competitive and grow their business. While the consequences of not doing anything about their marketing may appear trivial now, if left unattended, they will only become greater in the future.

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Tim Witcherley

This post was written by Tim Witcherley

As the Managing Director of Cognition, Tim's drive is to ensure every Cognition client gets tangible, commercial outcomes. In increasingly complex marketing and sales environments, his relentless focus on delivering value, quickly and simply, is one of the main reasons why Cognition is now one of the UK's leading digital agencies.

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