7 Quick Wins You Can Start to Implement Immediately for Your Business

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In business, there are many wins for the taking. A win is always welcome as it can give your business a boost and inspire growth.

In this article, we’ve identified 7 quick ways you can capitalise on opportunities. These can be implemented immediately, leading to quick results. Get ready to score.

A quick win in business is all about capitalising on an opportunity that’ll generate immediate results. These changes will improve the way your business operates and the engagement that you have with your audiences when applied effectively. Various types of quick wins can easily be implemented, all of which form part of the realms of digital marketing for enhanced performance.

Here are 7 quick wins you can implement immediately for your business: 

1. Content performance 

Content marketing can be an incredibly powerful tool for digital marketing. Optimised content helps search engine crawlers to index your content, which will help your website move higher up in search engine results. For quick wins relating to content performance, ask yourself the following:

  • Do you know which blogs are driving the most traffic to your site? 
  • What is the value of this traffic? 
  • Which is your best-converting content, and why?

By using these questions as a framework, you can identify the opportunities that exist for your current content. It is important to ensure your website gets high-value traffic, and that your content can successfully aid in generating lead conversions. 

When you have the data to back up your marketing, you have a far easier job of understanding where your customers are and where you need to put your marketing investment. This is key for performance marketing which relies on results. Once you have the data collection tools in place, you can take the following steps to rejuvenate your content performance:

  • Repurpose your best performing content - be sure to include keyword research when doing so!
  • Update old content that ranks well and re-share it - people are encouraged to click on recent and relevant content
  • Refresh content that needs an update - this keeps your website up to date
  • CX mapping - which involves focusing on customer touchpoints and improving their journey on your site. Download our CX Mapping Guide which will show you how to research, create and action a CX map.

2. Conversion points on your website 

A website is more than a digital storefront. Creating points of conversion is a driving force since this is a primary platform for lead generation. Simply improving these conversions can lead to big wins for your business. To improve these on your site for quick results, you can:

  • Measure and review the current conversion points to determine if they’re effective and you have enough of them.

Next, consider the following:

  • Do you have a website page strategy? 

The answer should be ‘yes.’ If not, determine the purpose of each page on your website. Navigate the site as a consumer would and ensure that the prompts and information are visible and that the overall site is enjoyable. In other words, finding optimal content flows that spark conversions are key, whether you use forms, internal links, pop-ups, or natural insertions. The key is to ensure these are helpful for the viewer rather than hindering their experience on your website, which then leads to high exit forms and higher page bounces. 

Whichever method you use, your site needs to include encouragement to take the next steps in the consumer journey. To do this, you’ll need to have helpful calls to action on your website. These can appear in various places, with a variety of phrases that can facilitate viewer conversion. 

3. Technical and Optimisation Audit

For another quick win, conduct a website audit to scan your website. For successful SEO, it is imperative that you fix up any technical errors and optimise all of the content. This includes:

  • Fixing any broken links
  • Ensuring the page loading time is as fast as possible 
  • Schema code is included in blog posts
  • SEO guidelines are followed for content (such as formatting to include relevant headers and links)
  • Using keywords and meta tags

By keeping the site running optimally, you’ll encourage more viewers and higher search engine rankings. This audit should be conducted every now and then to ensure your site is operating smoothly and performing well.

Let the experts at Cognition perform a free SEO audit and present back key recommendations that will increase your overall visibility and transform your SEO. Book your FREE SEO Audit.

4. Email marketing review 

Email remains one of the most effective communication tools for digital marketers. Emailers allow for regular marketing messages to be shared with your database which helps to nurture these relationships. Businesses looking for quick wins on new campaigns send out mailers to encourage viewers to visit the site for more.

An email marketing review should consider the following elements:

  • Look at the metrics and optimise - When you study the performance of email marketing, you can see what’s working, what isn’t, and identify opportunities. Emails also need to be optimised, which is a feature included with the HubSpot software.
  • Look at the wording - A subject line can be the difference between someone opening an email or tossing it into the trash. The preview text is also important as it needs to entice and intrigue the reader. Finally, the all-important CTA needs to be functional and take the reader directly to the next phase for conversion.
  • A/B testing - this is a favourite by marketers and for good reason. Testing content in slightly different contexts allows you to see which factors lead to higher conversions.
  • Smart content - by ensuring your content is driven by the purpose to convert, you’ll be generating the maximum possible value from your email marketing campaigns. HubSpot makes this easy with integrated suggestions and resources with guidelines to follow.
  • Personalisation - Personalisation is a proven technique to drive conversion rates.  Be sure to include more than just a personal address. The content itself should be tailored to the viewer’s interests as well.
  • The performance metrics - Open rates vs CTR vs conversions are all necessary metrics to take into account. Be sure to set a realistic benchmark for each and measure your performance accordingly.

5. Data management

As we've already seen in this list, data is crucial in gaining business wins. By accurately recording information, reporting on performances and having the reporting capabilities to make sense of the information, you can draw out key insights that help your business score big. To implement improved data management immediately, follow these pointers:

  • Collect data about your audience - The more you know and understand about your target audiences, the better you’ll be able to reach them and appeal to them. Consider what you know and how you’re using this to inform your marketing, as well as the key bit of missing information and how you can go about getting it.
  • Data relating to communication - Keeping track of consumer interactions can help guide them along through the sales funnel and ultimately to the conversion stage and beyond. 
  • Find out what happened to your previous customers - If you aren’t yielding repeat customers, revisit your database and reach out to previous customers to reconvert them with new offers, upselling, or cross-selling. 
  • Re-engagement campaigns - Retargeting is a helpful technique in reminding interested customers about your offer. If you have missed the opportunity to close a deal, focus on the way you can convert leads from potential customers to sales-qualified leads. 

Data management is made easy with CRM-powered systems. With the HubSpot CRM platform as your base, you can monitor all of the above automatically and ensure you're providing your customers with the best possible experience. 

6. Paid search campaigns

Advertising can reap a lot of rewards for businesses, especially when it comes to search. These ads ensure your website appears ahead of the rest. There are various affordable payment models and they can help bridge the gap as you build your organic site traffic over the long term. 

With the ability to go live, you can get instant visibility and immediate results. 

If you already have PPC marketing in place, consider expanding upon these or trying new Google campaigns to increase your brand’s exposure online. A PPC audit will outline where you can make these quick wins to reduce the paid search advertising over time. 

7. Sales and marketing automation 

The value of automation cannot be underestimated. HubSpot makes way for quick wins by freeing up time and resources that would otherwise be spent on repetitive and mundane administrative tasks. It also means your business will have a professional look with consistent content delivery and response times. If you don’t have HubSpot yet, it may be time to consider how this CRM system will benefit your business. If you do, ensure all automations are set up correctly so that you are getting the maximum value out of this platform. 


That wraps up our take on 7 ways your business can capitalise on quick wins today. With these, you can improve your reach online, attract more leads, and increase your conversion rates. Quick wins mean your business will be benefiting from immediate results. What have you got to lose? Start winning today.

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