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The Framing Effect: What marketers need to know about this cognitive bias

by Sophie Albert on January 11, 2024
‘The Framing Effect’ is one of the typical cognitive biases which affects how decisions are made based on the way in which information is presented to us. If you have...
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Seven Quick Wins for your Business

7 Quick Wins You Can Start to Implement Immediately for Your Business

by Sophie Albert on November 17, 2021
In business, there are many wins for the taking. A win is always welcome as it can give your business a boost and inspire growth. In this article, we’ve identified 7...
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How To Improve Productivity In Online Meetings

by Sophie Albert on March 24, 2020
Account Director Sophie Easthope has first hand experience managing clients in multiple time-zones and is well-equipped to advise on how to keep video calls just as...
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The Tougher the Challenge, the Sweeter the Success

by Sophie Albert on February 18, 2019
I didn’t want to run today - firstly because it was windy and I knew it would be a b*tch of a run, and secondly because I actually just wanted to sit in my PJs, watch...
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