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The Tougher the Challenge, the Sweeter the Success

by Sophie Easthope on February 18, 2019

I didn’t want to run today - firstly because it was windy and I knew it would be a b*tch of a run, and secondly because I actually just wanted to sit in my PJs, watch reality TV and paint my nails!





I didn’t want to run today – firstly because it was windy and I knew it would be a b*tch of a run, and secondly because I actually just wanted to sit in my PJs, watch reality TV and paint my nails!

After a bit of procrastination, I reminded myself there was a pizza waiting in my fridge and there we go, the thought of carbs and melted cheese soon changed my mind

So I whacked on my running shoes and headed out the door. Before I even got to the end of the road the wind smacked me in the face and I realised that it wasn’t just going to be a b*tch of a run, it was going to be damn right brutal! 

The torture (I mean the run)...

And there it was, today was a mental battle, ice cold wind, streaming eyes, sore calves and a mentality of “I just can’t be bothered”. So I knew I needed a big distraction and change of mindset to pull myself through the miles.

I started to think about my run in comparison to work. Every incline a challenge and every descent a reward and it actually made me smile. What I realised was the bits where it’s completely flat, are exactly that - flat and boring - nothing to push you to run harder and nothing to give you that extra boost when you hit your peak.

A bit like work, if we came into the office everyday and there was nothing to challenge us, how boring would that be? Challenges come in all shapes and sizes, whether that be a difficult client, a mountain of tasks that never seem to end, or simply something new we haven’t done before.  The bonus with achieving all of these things is the peak at the other side.

How rewarding is it when you get a thank you from a client, or you start to see new leads flowing in through HubSpot? If you hadn’t put the work in, all this would simply be business as usual, and as human beings, we naturally always want to better our previous performance or ourselves. 

I guess the point I’m trying to make here, is don’t worry about those tough days. Although they may seem demotivating at the time, it will be those days that make you better and stronger in the long run (excuse the pun). 

Make the most of those challenges and embrace them, I promise the reward will be much more satisfying.


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P.s for those of you who might have been worried – I managed to eat my pizza, paint my nails, and I even squeezed in an episode of The Kardashians. 



Not just for fun...

As much as she loves fitness, Sophie isn’t just running these miles for fun, she is training in preparation for the London Marathon this April. Taking the challenge to raise money for Well Child UK, the charity for seriously ill children and young people.


If you wish to show Sophie some encouragement and support please visit her fundraising page. 




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Sophie Easthope

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