Content Marketing

Content Marketing


Content is the cornerstone of marketing communications.

While the transition from push to pull marketing, from expensive advertising to accountable content strategies is now irreversible, many businesses either create too much content, fail to segment the content strategies they develop or optimise the channels they use.

Creating content that converts

We produce too much content for the same reason we amass too much data: we assume more is better and we are wrong.

When Cognition builds content strategies, we use our knowledge of psychology to create the minimum amount of content necessary to achieve our client’s core objectives. This involves repurposing successful content in multiple formats across multiple channels, providing clear persona-based recommendations to users and keeping all content as simple and short as it can be.

Simple not basic

Simple, in this context, does not mean basic. For example, academic papers in psychology are, of necessity, technical but the best are also brief and precise in their use of language.

These principles ensure neither you nor your prospects are overwhelmed with content and they also guarantee that you will get the best commercial return from the content you produce.

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