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Blatchford - Creative

Find out how we helped take Blatchford's life-changing products to market.


The business

Blatchford is an award-winning global manufacturer of some of the world’s most advanced prosthetic and orthotic devices. Enabling wearers to take on life and embrace the everyday tasks that so many of us take for granted, Blatchford’s services are truly life-changing.


The challenge

Cognition was engaged to create a campaign strategy to launch both new and existing products into their key markets: Orion3 and Tectus®. As a global business that serves multiple territories and audiences, the primary challenge was to create successful campaigns that resonated on all levels.




Research & insight

Our starting point was to get under the skin of the business. From data and discovery sessions to audience mapping workshops, our goal was to establish Blatchford’s key audience personas and understand their journeys, pain points and motivations. 

We utilised this data when planning our campaign strategy and creatives, ensuring all aspects would align and resonate with these audiences. 

This initial research phase is an integral part of our entire process, forming the first stage of our unique Cognition Brain formula. Thorough and in-depth, this data-led process is what enables us to lay the key foundations before storifying our findings into a complete campaign strategy.

BLA_Tectus_WEEK 3-3



Brand & creative

Storifying data is crucial for any successful campaign. To achieve the most targeted impact, we needed to unify our new-found insight into a streamlined campaign strategy. 

Along with a wealth of written product case studies, Blatchford also had inspiring ambassador video content. We instantly saw the potential in these assets, and ensured they were at the centre of our campaign story. Showcasing the truly life-changing outcomes of Orion3 and Tectus® was paramount in our messaging development, projected to resonate strongly with Blatchford’s key audiences. 

BLA_Tectus_WEEK 2-3

“Cognition’s ability to translate our complex technology into simple, compelling propositions was incredibly impressive. They developed all the creative to take two new Blatchford products to market and the campaign engagement has been excellent.”

Emma Marsh - Marketing Manager, Blatchford

Strategy & planning

Covering clinical and patient messaging for both Orion3 and Tectus®, we crafted a range of assets to engage with Blatchford’s target audiences. 

From a full social media calendar to a complete product brochure and tailored landing pages, we equipped Blatchford with a comprehensive toolkit to maximise campaign engagement. 

We ensured the life-changing potential of these products was at the heart of all assets, showcasing how truly unique and pioneering Orion3 and Tectus® are - while strongly resonating with each audience persona.
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