Advanced HubSpot Software Training


Train your sales and marketing teams and business leaders to maximise their potential and offer a seamless experience for prospects and customers.

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HubSpot training from our certified team

Many businesses that have made an investment in HubSpot often fail to fully harness its potential, leading to a lack of realised returns on their investment.

To address this challenge, we have meticulously crafted immersive and interactive training programmes tailored to your needs. These courses are designed to empower you with a profound understanding of the HubSpot software and the intricacies of the inbound marketing methodology. 

Within our courses lies an invaluable opportunity for knowledge enrichment and skill augmentation. Moreover, they present an avenue to customise the inbound methodology in alignment with your business, yielding enhanced leads, a more seamless operational workflow, and an amplified ROI.


HubSpot sales training

Train your sales teams and sales leaders to maximise their potential. This training is tailored to your business and includes day-to-day functions, processes, and best practices to ensure sales teams are offering a continued and frictionless experience for their prospects and customers.

Starts with a half-day session dedicated to Sales Hub users actively using the CRM. Learn about the full Sales Hub features on offer, sales automation, and how to use, manage, and report on key measures. Start to use the productivity tools available, and how best to conduct contacts and company management in the CRM. Dashboards and reporting are critical to fully measure overall sales performance against KPIs. Learn best practice from a sales perspective.


HubSpot marketing training

Train your marketing teams to create, manage, and optimise marketing campaigns within HubSpot. Understand the full potential of HubSpot’s Marketing Hub and how you can leverage some of the key features after minimal training. Get expert advice and start gaining quick wins from day one.

Training starts with a half-day session dedicated to Marketing Hub users looking to run future campaigns, promote communications and create automated workflows to nurture prospects, wherever they are in the buyer journey. 

This is followed with guidance on how to create reports and dashboards to analyse metrics and performance - and ultimately improve marketing. 


HubSpot customer service training

Train your customer service team to deliver personalised advice quickly and effectively with HubSpot Customer Service Software. Teach them how to analyse and best use customer data to build relationships, solve problems and provide long-term value to their accounts. Help team leads and managers to improve and simplify their support with automation and self-service options. 

Training starts with a half-day session for Service Hub users on how to implement and execute an inbound service strategy.


HubSpot management training

Train your core management team and departmental heads how best to analyse data, create reports and make the most of the HubSpot platform. Show them how to build dashboards and how to monitor business performance. Make them aware of the possibilities available. 

Training starts with a half-day session dedicated to Management, giving a high-level overview of the platform, including actionable steps on how to empower team members to get the most from the platform. 


Free HubSpot resources

HubSpot has a wealth of resources available to its customers and a vast amount of content readily available to the public. Blogs, guides, webinars and pillar pages full of HubSpot insights are at your fingertips. 

Cognition also provides plenty of free HubSpot and marketing-related content in our blog and guides section. 


HubSpot courses and certifications

Take your professional skills to the next level with free, online training from HubSpot Academy. From quick, practical courses to comprehensive certifications, learn everything you need to know about the most sought-after business skills. 

Over 200,000+ professionals have already advanced their skills with the HubSpot Academy.


Learn from Cognition

Cognition training is at the forefront of helping mid-market businesses and global corporations rationalise their marketing strategies. 

Based on our industry-leading blend of marketing, psychology and technology, our courses and workshops have been held in the UK, Latin America, Europe, Russia and Asia with one core aim: to foster effective digital thinking and the many commercial benefits it delivers. 

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