10 PPC trends you can’t ignore in 2021

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PPC is as fluent and dynamic as it ever has been. The best practices from a couple of years ago may not be the best practices today as the industry evolves to get better and to adapt to changing markets.

2021 is no different. If anything, it is a year where – for obvious reasons – external factors may drive dramatic changes in the industry. Regardless, here’s a brief look at some of the trends we can expect to see in PPC in the coming year:

1. Getting Personal
It has always been the case that people prefer to be treated as a unique individual rather than as a number. Indeed, research carried out in 2018 indicated that 80% of people are more likely to buy when a personal touch is added to the experience.

With new developments in online marketing platforms, we have seen an increase in personalisation in recent years. This only looks set to develop further in 2021 with more automation tools.

2. Go Amazon
Amazon is one of the biggest players there is when it comes to online marketing. In the past, marketing on Amazon has involved using 3rd party marketing platforms like Google Ads and Facebook ads to drive traffic toward products on Amazon.

Amazon marketing services launched in 2012. It has been developing ever since and is now one of the largest PPC marketing platforms there is. It is also highly sophisticated and allows you to use video and advanced targeting options that help to make for effective PPC campaigns.
2021 is likely to see a lot more people using Amazon Marketing Services. Also keep an eye out for other emerging PPC platforms, including Quora and LinkedIn.

3. Enhanced Targeting
Customers come with different needs and wants – that much has always been the case. What is changing, however, is the ease with which we can target our messaging.

In 2021 and beyond, we can expect to see online marketing becoming more targeted than ever before. We now have tools that allow us to segment our audiences and this means we can service them with ads that help push all the right buttons. Targeting is perhaps the most powerful advantage of online marketing – so make the most of it.

4. Voice Search
Remember the days when people speaking to computers in sci-fi movies seemed far-fetched? Well, people can actually speak with machines now and the number of people doing so is increasing. In 2021, it may become standard.

With more people using voice search, it opens up many more potential marketing avenues. This is something that should not be missed out on. One thing to bear in mind is that people are likely to be less concise when speaking when compared with typing. This means long-tailed keywords are likely to be more effective and this helps you to improve your targeting.

5. Remarketing
Remarketing is one of those marketing tools that tend to be overlooked. It’s often on the sidelines saying, “Hi, I’m here”, only for people to carry on as if it doesn’t exist.

In 2021, however, we can expect to see remarketing really bought into the fold as it deserves to be. It is an extremely effective way of engaging with potential customers that you already know are warm to what you have to offer. It is also a lot more affordable than other marketing methods.

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6. More Automation
Platforms like Google already know their trade very, very well. That does not mean they have stopped learning, however. That, coupled with access to better technology, means they can continue to improve their platforms. In 2021, we are likely to see a trend of increased automation that helps to make running campaigns less time-consuming and more effective.

7. More Video Ads
Bandwidths that can cope with online video are becoming the norm in many parts of the world. This means that, in 2021, we can expect to see an increase in the use of video ads. This is great news for a lot of marketers because video ads are far more effective at grabbing attention, increasing the likelihood of that all-important click. We can also expect to see video hosting platforms adapt by offering more features as video ads become more prominent.

8. Paid Social is Here to Stay
Paid social media advertising already dominates much of the online marketing world and that does not look set to change any time soon. If anything, as more and more people come online and sign up to social media, paid social media ads are only going to become more important. Make sure to take advantage in 2021 and be sure to tap into the benefits that social media advertising offers.

9. Responsive Search Ads Join the Party
There’s an art to ad writing. The biggest marketers will spend a lot of money on the best copywriters to write ads that push the right buttons. While copywriters may be very good at their trade, however, there is still an element of trial and error.

In 2021, we can expect to see responsive search ads (RSAs) come to the fore. This system automatically experiments with different headers and texts to help find the most effective combinations.

10. Increased Focus on Conversion Rate Optimisation
In 2021 we can expect to see a greater focus on conversion rate optimisation. It is something that often doesn’t get the attention it deserves, perhaps because it involves digging through several layers of an ad campaign. It’s not just the ads that have to be spot on, but also the traffic being directed to the ads, the landing pages, and so much more.

With increased automation and more sophisticated CRM platforms, however, marketers will be better equipped to tweak their conversion rates. It’s something you should take notice of because it’s likely your competitors will be too.


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