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Google first launched their PPC service in 2002, and a lot has changed since.

The platform's evolution has not slowed, and 2022 can expect to see changes in PPC trends just like any other year.

Since Google launched its PPC service, it has been a popular alternative to other marketing methods for various reasons, including:

  • Affordability

PPC ads are very affordable to create; most people can create an effective ad from their own computer. This affordability makes PPC a lot more accessible to smaller businesses that don't have the resources to pay large marketing or production companies to do it for them.

  • Flexible Budget

With PPC, you don't pay a penny until somebody clicks on your ads, and each click will usually cost just a few cents. You will also have full control over your budget, with the ability to set daily budget limits and no long-term contracts to tie you down. 

  • Analytics

Google Ads insights give you in-depth analytics that help you improve your campaign. The feedback is typically easy to understand and easy to act on, meaning anybody can create and fine-tune effective campaigns with a little research. 

  • Fast Results

While some marketing methods like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will take months to start working, PPC can get results as soon as your ads are up and running. Fast results makes PPC ideal for new companies that don't have the time or resources to wait. 

Here's a look at some of the changes we can expect to see in PPC in 2022. 

Expanded Text Ads are to be Phased Out

Google Ads latest news is that from June 30th 2022, you will not be able to make or edit expanded text ads on Google. Of course, Google's PPC ads per se are going nowhere and existing extended ads will still work as before, but they are being phased out. 

When creating responsive ads, you will need to add between three and fifteen headline assets and two and four description assets. Google will automatically test different combinations of ad and description assets to see which work best. The result is ads that have a higher Click Through Rate (CTR), and Google claims that responsive ads will, on average, improve CTRs by between 5% and 15%

You can still repurpose most of your existing ad content, and you can also pin header and description assets into position, giving you control over what is displayed. 

We will See More Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Recent trends in PPC have included the development of AI and machine learning, and the trend looks set to continue. 

PPC will become increasingly automated in 2022 and beyond, including responsive ads, as previously mentioned. Smart bids will continue to help save time by taking a lot of the grunt work out of running a campaign while giving you time to focus on other aspects that will help improve conversions and increase your revenue. Not only will AI save time, but it will also help to achieve better results because machines can read data in finer detail. 

Not only do advanced AI algorithms help provide excellent results, but machine learning will help software to 'learn' as more data comes in. The result is continued improvement in results and adapting to market changes. 

… With a Human Touch

PPC trends suggest that automation is taking over.

However, it remains essential that automation is supplemented with a human touch. 

There are such a vast number of differing goals and requirements in business that it's all but impossible for a platform like Google to cover them all. As such, you still need a human to help fill the gaps to create a tailor-made strategy for your needs.

We also need to remember that a human is needed to create a campaign in the first place. No machines can decide what direction a campaign should take or what the budget should be. We also need a human to write ads because even the most advanced AI is not yet close to understanding emotion or nuance in human languages. We also need humans to understand Google PPC tips and tricks from other humans who have gained experience in the field. 

These factors, and more, mean that human oversight is required no matter how heavily automated your processes might be. PPC jobs haven't been lost to computers yet, but a PPC manager's role is likely to start looking quite different in 2022. 

Voice Search Will Continue to Grow

The use of voice search is growing rapidly. Indeed, around 8.4 billion people are expected to have digital voice assistants like Siri and Alexa in 2024, doubling the number from 2020. 

While you might have seen the uptake of voice search in previous PPC trends and tips blogs, it is worth stressing again because the use of the technology will continue to surge in 2022 and beyond. If you haven't already, you need to adapt your strategy, which involves revising which keywords you are using. 

One of the hottest Google search ads tips is to try to use search terms as people speak them naturally. People tend to make voice queries using full sentences instead of the shortened terms they use on a keyboard. Around 72% of people who own digital voice assistants have at least thought about using them to help with their shopping, and you don't want to miss out.  

Audience Targeting Combined With Smart Bidding

Smart bidding can be very useful in helping you to achieve your goals. Smart bidding is not new and is expected to remain popular in 2022, although it's more likely to be used in conjunction with audience targeting. 

When combining the two, Google's smart bidding algorithms will help to maximise the effectiveness of a specific segment of your campaign audience. For example, imagine you want to get more of your visitors to sign up for a seminar. You can first segment the people who have visited your site but not signed up for the seminar, and then use smart bidding to maximise conversions – with a conversion being a seminar sign-up. 

The smart bidding algorithms will even work out data such as the length of how long ago somebody visited your site and use the information to adjust its bids accordingly.

PPC Trends for 2022 Infographic


Above are just a few of the PPC trends we can expect to see in 2022. While some are more or less a continuation of previous trends, others, like the phasing out of extended ads, will represent more of a sea change. Regardless, it's wise to keep an eye out for Google PPC news and adapt your strategies accordingly so you can stay ahead of the competition. 

For further insights and tips for 2022, download our latest comprehensive guide, "PPC Tips and Insights for 2022 from an Ex-Google Specialist"

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