Have you been ‘Suárezed’ by a marketing agency?

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Do you have the 'once bitten, twice shy' feeling towards marketing agencies? Do you feel you no longer want to deal with big time players who promise the world, but deliver the opposite in reality?

If so, we can help you select a marketing agency that delivers on potential and becomes the star in your team. Here are six simple tips to get you started:


1. Buy a proven player with success at the highest level

The great thing about using a marketing agency is that you get an external perspective on your company and market. An agency can use that objectivity to identify opportunities that will grow your business. The approach should be grounded in concrete evidence of what resonates with your prospects and customers.

2. Invest in a player that offers experience and common sense

A successful marketing agency will be able to deliver results that fit your goals and budget. And if they can’t, they should tell you upfront that your expectations are unrealistic – and make solid recommendations on what will work.

3. Have a clear strategy for winning your trophies

What does success look like to you? You need to know how to define it and, once that’s clear, how you’re going to measure it. Goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based. Establish your objectives at the outset so the agency can be accountable – and you have the stats to demonstrate ROI.


4. Buy a show pony

You may have your sights set on a slick, function-filled website. However, if it isn’t going to help your customers make their purchasing decision then it doesn’t represent value for money.

5. Follow the crowd

Marketing can seem like a minefield as there always appears to be new trends you ‘have’ to follow and keep up with. From Pinterest to inbound marketing, something’s always trending. Never jump on bandwagons simply because ‘everybody else is’. There’s no point investing countless hours in the latest tactic if it’s something your customers aren’t using.

6. Buy a player that suits your system, not a player who looks great, but has no end game

The last thing you want is the marketing agency equivalent of a ‘yes’ man. When you take on a marketing agency you’re investing in their expertise. And this means you need to be prepared to adjust your thinking based on what’s recommended. You may have a mental picture of the exact website design you want, but it’s worth asking if your idea is actually the right approach. The agency may well have a better idea – that’s what you’re paying them for, after all.

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