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HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics both offer fantastic solutions to the CRM needs of growing businesses, but how does each platform perform in a side-by-side comparison?

Happy customers are the key to any successful business. Knowing your customers inside out means you can tailor your service to their desires and needs, increasing satisfaction, loyalty and (importantly) your profits. 

This is why we know that choosing the right customer relationship management platform (CRM) is a big decision. Here we take a look at HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics CRM offerings side-by-side to help find the right platform for you.


There’s lots to think about when choosing a CRM - from price, software and applications, to how easy the programme is to use. Amid tough competition, HubSpot and Dynamics CRM’s stand out from the crowd, with both platforms offering impressive software with great features that can keep pace with growing businesses.

Where Dynamics is a robust programme with all the tools you’ll need to customise your services to a high level, HubSpot matches its capabilities and then really excels with an intuitively designed platform that is incredibly user friendly – not something to be overlooked.

Let’s meet the contenders


HubSpot is a cloud-based customer relationship manager platform (CRM) designed to empower your business to grow and with the capability to expand in line with your dreams and aspirations.

With HubSpot, your customer data is collected and clearly organised into a central bank which sales, service and marketing teams can all access. With everyone singing from the same hymn sheet it’s then easier to create joined-up online experiences which are efficient, effective and - ultimately - profitable.

Included in the package is Sales Hub which comes with extensive sales software and an impressive capability to meet the needs of growing businesses. Sales Hub is also known for being well-loved by reps, and with its user-friendly design we can see why.


Another cloud-based system, Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform offers a broad range of applications, from marketing, sales and customer service, to field service, finance, operations, commerce and human resources software.

Dynamics 365 Sales suite is equipped with the tools you’ll need to customise contact with your customers, and when used correctly it certainly lives up to its promise. Whilst it’s true that Dynamics potential is impressive, its platform is also certainly trickier to get to grips with than HubSpot’s user-friendly design.

Bang for your buck

When choosing your CRM package, it’s important you think about what’s included in the up-front cost and which features you might need to buy separately, either now or later down the line.

For the price it says on the tin HubSpot includes all of the features you’ll need for a successful CRM. On top of the sales seats included in the basic package, extra are available free of charge for those in your company who need access to data, but not to sales tools.

Dynamics is a significantly pricier upfront option and there is a charge for every seat outside of the basic package. You’ll pay extra for a range of services - from executive access to letting your reps share an inbox - that HubSpot provides for free and at a lower overall cost to boot.

Use it or lose it

We all know that however great the potential of new software is, it’s money down the drain if your team doesn't take to it. Humans are creatures of habit and any new system needs to be simple and appealing to those who’ll be using it.

To this end HubSpot has been made with people in mind and its easy-to-use design means you’ll be switching focus from set-up to sales in no time. It offers a great standard template or the option to use its intuitive design tools to create something that’s unique to your business.

In the hands of an expert, Dynamics is undoubtedly a powerful and exciting platform that will enhance your business. But onboarding and maintaining Dynamics takes the know-how of an experienced admin or two, so chances are you’ll need to hire or train extra staff, at least whilst setting up.

Supporting your success

HubSpot is made to support and celebrate your business as it booms and there’s no extra charge from HubSpot for keeping up with you when your success scales up. Their customer success teams are first class and the HubSpot Academy – among the top online learning platforms in the world – is an invaluable resource available to you at no extra cost.

Microsoft Dynamics also offers solid support through its Dynamics 365 subscription which gives you access to both free and paid for training and certificates. They also offer round the clock technical support and additional know-how directly from the professionals at an extra cost of $9 per user per month. 

In more detail

HubSpot’s CRM has a winning combination of being at once powerful and user-friendly, and it’s already the go-to choice for thousands of growing companies, brands and unicorns.

Sales Hub is impressive in contact management, sales analytics, engagement and automation, pipeline management, custom objects, CPQ and much more.

Across its products, HubSpots design is consistent and familiar, meaning it’s simple to switch between features that will look and behave just as you’d expect them to.

As your business grows, HubSpot supports your journey, adding more possibilities for customisation and sophistication along the way. 

And installing apps and integrations is simple with over 500 options available from HubSpots marketplace, all designed with the same power and ease in mind.

Dynamics is also a strong contender with sales execution tools, lead management, forecasting, CPQ and much more on offer.

They cater brilliantly for all businesses great and small, though some features important to scaling up (such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, pipeline forecasting and email engagement) need to be purchased as add-ons.

With a wide range of software available Dynamics will be able to meet your business’s needs, and if you’re already a Microsoft 365 user you’ll find yourself in familiar territory with their CRM platform.

Their connectors library gives you access to hundreds of apps and tools to choose from, to integrate with Dynamics' already impressive platform.

All in all, both HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics offer powerful features and impressive sales tools, with HubSpot’s user-friendly design making it a real stand-out when it comes to CRM platforms.

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