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  • Content personalised to every user.
  • Automatically adapts to all screen sizes.
  • Simple to design and build.

The all-in-one inbound marketing software HubSpot has, for years, enabled us to give our clients a dedicated inbound sales and marketing suite; helping them to attract and track visitors to their sites and, crucially, convert them into leads.

So, when HubSpot released their content optimisation system (COS), we sat up and paid attention. And, after dipping our toe in the water a few times, we decided to give it a spin when building the new Cognition website.

And we love it!

A simple, streamlined building process

First off, it dramatically simplified the site building process. COS’s coding language means that it’s easy to build new sites, fast.

For the Cognition site, we built our templates – everything from the home page to content pages, landing pages and blogs – from scratch. Essentially, we put together a core set of modules that are used to provide content to the site. This includes modules for navigation and calls to action.

  • The drag-and-drop function is outstanding – it streamlines the creation of new pages.
  • It’s incredibly simple for users to edit – and you don’t need to understand code to do it.
  • It integrates seamlessly with a whole suite of HubSpot tools.

Ultimately, it was easy for us to fall for COS during the building process. The simplicity of the platform meant we could easily optimise our designs and content to drive results.

What’s more, because COS is already part of HubSpot’s platform, it was straightforward to add structure with our calls to action and forms, increasing the leads we’re able to convert on the site.

Giving every user a personal experience

COS is, in essence, a content management system (CMS) platform that allows marketers to optimise a website experience for every device and every visitor’s journey.

Unlike most of the biggest CMS platforms available at the moment – Wordpress, Umbraco, Drupal and Magneto, for example – COS is not reliant on only technical resources.

COS allows us to personalise content to individual visitors, based on locations, device, language or previous behaviour with us. As a result, we’re able to deliver a truly smart web experience, removing a lot of generic messaging and targeting users with exactly the content we need in order to increase conversion rates.

  • All the content is personalised to each visitor – meaning every user has an optimised experience.
  • COS is robust and fully responsive – so it automatically displays the best visualisation on all screen sizes, from mobiles to tablets and desktops.

There are always going to be exceptions and value in using other platforms, and we’ll always be strong advocates in making sure the platform we build on is the best solution for our clients. However, COS is definitely ticking a lot of boxes for us at the moment.

Since the launch of the new Cognition site, we have put half a dozen more COS sites under our belt. The reaction from our clients – and their conversion rates – has been overwhelmingly positive.

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