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How to create personas at pace (and make them super useful)

by Amy Rowe on July 21, 2021
The creation of marketing personas is the bread and butter of marketers – but just how useful is it? Too often, it becomes a box ticking exercise with digital marketers...
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Creating buyer personas for your business

by Amy Rowe on July 10, 2020
No business is all things to all men, as the adage goes (almost). Your products are geared towards solving very specific problems – whether that’s cut price earpods for...
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Seven Steps To Writing Online Copy That Converts

by Amy Rowe on April 21, 2020
Content is a crowded market. With brands like John Lewis and Nike now competing for your attention against established media broadcasters such as Sky and BBC – it has...
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HubSpot Event Offers Inbound Marketing Tricks from the Experts

by Amy Rowe on May 1, 2019
HubSpot experts will be offering digital marketers tips and tricks to generate and close inbound leads at a new one-day event, hosted by Cognition. UPDATE: This event...
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