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Sell me this pen - you useless piece of $%*@!

Interviews, Inquisitions and the power of social media   It’s an age-old tactic, “sell me this pen” but it was brought to more widespread attention in the..

Royals “Trumped” in bromance brand-off

  “Bros” are in the news this week. Not ‘80’s pop sensations Matt and Luke (and Craig…) but royalty in all its forms. Prince Harry has asked brother..

Black Friday – marketing phenomenon or self-fulfilling prophecy

  Whatever the origins of Black Friday may be, and there are a number of explanations behind it from stock-market chancers trying to hike the price of..

Want to be heard? Make some NOISE

Just because you want the whole world to know about it, it doesn't mean the whole world wants to hear about it - or cares, quite frankly. For example: You..