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John Berry
With over 20 years’ business experience building significant revenue increases, John has established an in-depth understanding of the commercial processes that drive corporate growth.
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Birmingham-based marketing, sales and psychology consultancy Cognition has welcomed three new recruits to support its rapid business growth. Cognition has..

Personalisation for Membership Organisations: The Next Digital Curve

Personalisation in an analogue world is when the owner of your local Indian Restaurant greets you at the door and says, ‘Hello Mr Berry, would you like..

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Digital marketing is moving at a bewildering rate. The Martech 5000 analysis now reports that 7,040 new digital marketing technologies are now available..

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A staggering 6,829 new marketing technologies (apps, online platforms, social channels) have been launched between 2011 and 2018, with more new..

Managing Digital Strategies In Membership Organisations

Delivering great marketing plans that include events, conferences, PR, newsletters and all that we now know as “the marketing mix”, is bread and butter..

Technology businesses - how much to spend on marketing to compete?

According to a Deloitte survey published in the Wall Street Journal in 2017 interviewing some 424 Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), tech software and..

Steps to a Winning Export Market Entry Strategy

  In my last blog, ‘Selling into Europe – First Steps’, we set out the need for core market intelligence to establish the key market data on paper. I..

Disruptive Start-Ups: Threat or Opportunity for Agri-Tech

There is a pipeline of spectacular technological developments that are shaping up to transform the Ag-Tech sector. In other industries, who would have..

Selling into Europe – first steps

Selling into Europe – first steps Do you want to sell to 508 million European customers? If Yes, what next….?  In my last blog (Get a European Base –..

Get a European base – FAST!

Get a European base – FAST! So the Brexit architects (Johnson, Gove, Farage etal) have taken to the hills or rather surprisingly, in Boris' case,..