Effective Marketing Strategies for 2022

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Marketers all over the world are vying for the attention of their audiences. This is an imperative element for successful business endeavours in 2022.

We’ve identified three crucial strategies to undertake, spanning digital marketing, content marketing, and tech stack’s.

Digital marketing 

Let’s begin with digital marketing, arguably the most pertinent form of marketing in 2022.

To start things off, Google is scrapping third-party cookies in 2022. Third-party cookies have been used by advertisers to track how users navigate online to present them with targeted ads. There are cookies on millions of websites that are used to build user profiles based on their interests and web activity. Due to mounting privacy concerns and regulations, the way cookies and Google ad tracking will be phased out in 2022.

This is significant for marketers and advertisers, who will now be introduced to FloC that will be replacing it. FloC is a standard browser that will enable interest-based advertising on the web, without revealing the user’s identity. There will be larger groups of users that ad tech will need to label them. The effects of this rollout are not yet known, and the system is currently being developed in the open, with proposals and critiques forming part of the ongoing discussion surrounding this. Ad execs will need to keep an eye on this as it will affect their ability to target and profile users.

These efforts to increase privacy are directed toward audiences whose needs and lives have changed. Covid-19 has been taxing on societies around the world these past couple of years. Sars-CoV-2 will be with us continually, with habits, attitudes and all aspects of life changing. There have been many movements relating to this, and many countries hoping for some growth in 2022. Marketers will need to thoroughly assess their buyer personas and make amendments to them. Moreover, they need to see people as people, not only prospects. 

As we can see, the landscape has and continues to change. With that, reviews need to be conducted to inform the strategies for 2022. The last years have seen survival and recovery phases, both of which will continue on.

Digital Marketing Strategies 

These are the digital strategies to include in your marketing plans for 2022.

  • SEO strategy: There needs to be a renewed focus on SEO. It continues to be an important strategy for businesses to ensure their content is user and search engine friendly. This includes content updates, accurate schema codes, tags, and metadata. SEO, when implemented correctly, can drive rankings and conversions. Find out what is stopping your brand from ranking on the first page with our free SEO audit.
  • eCommerce: eCommerce businesses continue to grow around the world and as such, customers have come to expect a higher degree of website functionality and online experiences. Customer touchpoints also need to extend to other platforms, including social media channels. It is still possible to grow in social media marketing, from influencer marketing to niche targeting.
  • Psychology: Consumer behaviour and psychology is imperative in the mission to understand audiences. This includes the merging of data science with psychological studies to create comprehensive profiles. 
  • AI: Machine learning continues to expand, with analytics driving the marketing world in 2022. Platforms like HubSpot are ahead of the curve in this regard, with behavioural and communicative automation, QR codes, and data intelligence as drivers in the power of digital marketing. This also aids in personalisation and data capture with real-time feedback. 
  • Tech stack: We have seen small business owners adopting new software and tech budgets increasing this past year. That will continue as the marketplace becomes more technical and proficient. Utilising technology helps to drive strategies and deliver more performance-based outcomes and efficient marketing. 

Ultimately, the businesses that listen sufficiently will be primed to adapt within their market. This allows them to boost their online presence and stay ahead of the curve in the ultimate goal of driving growth. 

Content Marketing 

Content marketing has reached a point of evolution in 2022 since the status quo has reached a peak point of saturation. Mastering content can provide businesses with immense value and continue to thrive as a key marketing strategy. 

The approach to content for 2022 should encompass:

  • Clear: Content that is clearly presented and easy to understand remains key, especially for Google. The content produced needs to be rooted in efficacy and high quality. 
  • Unique: Since so much content has been produced in recent years, a point of saturation has been reached. As such, marketers need to find unique approaches when creating content to solve issues and answer questions.
  • Personal: Personal experience is at the forefront. Marketers are not catering to general user experiences, but instead are personalising content to suit their customers on an individual level. This is made easy by the likes of smart content created on and distributed by HubSpot. 
  • Quality: Quantity was the name of the game up until this point, but in 2022, quality triumphs. Producing exceptionally high-quality content will be key, with fewer quantity requirements.
  • Recommendations: Content can lead people down rabbit holes and in many cases, this is the goal. That is to say, people want all-encompassing information that includes real-world examples and accurate recommendations.

We’ve included several tactical considerations to take into account too, namely:

  • Networking: PR and guest articles are key to improving rankings, reach, leads, and conversions. 
  • Long-form: We’re seeing long-form content taking precedence for SEO purposes. Quality content that is optimised for voice search in 2022 will be important for performance. 
  • Education: While all forms of content hold their place, educational content that is relevant and timely will continue to form a significant role in content strategies for both UX and search engines.
  • Video content continues to grow and further cement its spot as the most engaging form of content. Videos are especially helpful for leads as they’re considering purchasing a product. 

Companies need to adapt to all the changes in the realm of content marketing to remain relevant and find ways to resonate with their target audiences.

Tech Stack

Small business owners are harnessing technology by implementing the latest software. This has helped to significantly improve productivity, customer engagement, and sales while reducing costs. According to the same study, 45% of business owners also plan to up their investment in technology this year.

It is therefore in the best interest of businesses to invest in technology to improve systems and processes where possible. By doing this, businesses will benefit in a variety of ways, including improving efficiency in the workplace and bettering internal operations by plugging gaps, reducing time spent on administrative and repetitive tasks, removing friction, and increasing productivity. This leads to increased profits by streaming processes and aligning marketing and sales.

Consider these elements when building your business’s tech stack:

  • Introducing a CRM system to streamline operations and align marketing, sales and customer service
  • Consider an operations hub to help manage this department optimally
  • Integrations to improve the business’s capabilities and tool for greater efficiency 
  • Marketing and sales automation receive pressure on the business and helps maintain a professional and standardised front 

Businesses will need to adopt emerging technology and software to be successful in 2022. The latest tools can help improve business operations and evolve in accordance with trends in the market. It will also help in scaling a business with the appropriate systems, processes, and infrastructure. 

This wraps up our article on implementing effective marketing strategies for 2022. With digital marketing, content marketing, and a tech stack, your marketing team will be ready for success in the year ahead. 

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