Managing Digital Strategies In Membership Organisations

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Delivering great marketing plans that include events, conferences, PR, newsletters and all that we now know as “the marketing mix”, is bread and butter for most membership organisations.

And, most do a pretty pretty terrific job of it too.

However, with the rising generation of workers now having grown up as digital natives, Millennials are expecting much better digital engagement. In the digital space, many membership organisations are failing.

This is because many still take an ad hoc approach to digital. Incremental projects, quick fixes and clumsy add-ons are all done in the hope of achieving better member engagement, but often they disappoint and always fall short of what a more integrated approach can deliver.

Where baby boomers (those born before 1964) might be attracted to a membership organisation by virtue of simply being associated with it, Generation X and increasingly Millennials are using multiple digital platforms to access information, collaborate with peers through social media and see the latest in best practice. All of which is driving up expectations for their digital engagement with their membership body.

The Cognition e-Guide, Marketing Strategy for Membership Organisations’ sets out the three latest forces in the digital space; massive proliferation in digital communications, a huge growth in online content and now a third wave; the opportunity for personalisation.

With more than 6,829 digital marketing technologies launched in the past eight years, it is tough for membership organisations to put together a cohesive and integrated digital strategy.

Learn more about “Digital Thinking” and how to truly create great marketing strategies that combine the best of traditional marketing with the latest opportunities in digital technology by downloading our free guide - 'Marketing Strategy for Membership Organisations'.



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