Why every marketing agency should have a scientific board

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But it is in the gathering of data where things start to fall apart. In fact, most of the time, things start to fall apart prior to gathering data.

When data and marketing go wrong

As marketers, we often wear many hats. We create content as fast as possible across many platforms. And those platforms are always changing. This means that when many of us are faced with a problem that requires data to solve, we approach the problem in the wrong way. When we try to understand why, for example, Prospect A keeps converting, when Prospect B is disinterested, we might pick an ineffective method to gather data. We might use quantitative when we should look at qualitative. We analyse unsuitable datasets, we draw inappropriate and sometimes unethical conclusions. Or we work with siloed data, lacking key insights from other areas of the business. In a nutshell – we do not apply the necessary expertise when we should. But data demands more respect.

Understanding data

At Cognition, we understand that effective marketing is nothing without rigorous data and analysis. And we believe so strongly in the need for data that we’ve brought together leading experts in cognitive science, psychology, neuropsychology, organisational behaviour, data science and Electroencephalography to form a Scientific Board. That means that when we work with a client who needs to solve a problem that we believe requires more research to solve, our experts are brought together to design the most appropriate and effective way of gathering and analysing that data.

Accessing the right specialisms

Our scientific board splits into four broad specialisms: Quantitative and qualitative data, neuroscience, computer science and psychology. This extraordinary breadth of expertise in data and behavioral science allows us to unearth and solve just about any analytical problem for any business.

Applying data to marketing

Once the numbers have been crunched, the data sets examined, and conclusions are drawn, we move to application. Dr Peter Hughes, psychologist and co-founder of Cognition, is an expert on the way the human brain works and specialises in decision science and behavioural economics. When we have a thorough understanding of what kind of messages will resonate with our client’s audiences, we can use both data and psychology to create and seed content for the right audiences at the right time. 

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