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Why You Should Outsource Your Marketing

7 reasons to outsource your marketing to an agency

by Nicola Doyle on June 7, 2022
With more people than ever shopping and interacting online, the opportunity for businesses to acquire new customers and skyrocket sales has never been bigger. In order...
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Looking for a HubSpot Partner Agency?

Looking for a HubSpot Partner Agency?

by Nicola Doyle on March 24, 2022
Whether you’ve been using HubSpot for years or are just starting out on your digital marketing journey, you couldn’t be in safer hands. Its robust CRM system is the core...
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Work Smarter Not Harder

Working Smarter Not Harder

by Sam Beddall on March 9, 2022
In 2022, it often feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. Many people feel constantly behind at work, which isn’t good for either...
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Case Study – Workpad Marketing Support

Workpad: A Marketing Support Case Study

by Kate Stanley on February 24, 2022
Getting digital marketing right can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to see why. There are just SO many elements to consider when building a brand and driving sales and...
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10 Reasons to Outsource Digital Marketing

Top 10 Reasons to Outsource Your Digital Marketing

by Tim Witcherley on February 16, 2022
If you’re searching for digital marketing expertise but aren’t sure how to utilise it properly, partnering with a dedicated digital marketing agency will save you both...
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3 Marketing Agency Values to Benefit Your Business

3 Agency Values That Will Help Benefit Your Business

by Tim Witcherley on February 14, 2022
Hiring a marketing agency means taking into consideration everything they’re about, from work ethic to company culture. The easiest way to determine whether or not...
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How to choose the right marketing agency for your business

How to choose the right marketing agency (and the cost of getting it wrong)

by Tim Witcherley on October 13, 2021
According to HubSpot and in light of the pandemic, the majority of business leaders are agreeing that digital marketing is “now more important than ever.” As more and...
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6 tips for HubSpot CRM deployment

Implementing a CRM system within your business: 6 tips for success

by Lindsey Witcherley on September 29, 2021
Utilising a customer relationship management (CRM) platform can be one of the best decisions for your business, regardless of its size. Specifically, the right CRM...
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The importance of having a scientific board for a marketing agency

Why every marketing agency should have a scientific board

by Amy Rowe on September 22, 2021
But it is in the gathering of data where things start to fall apart. In fact, most of the time, things start to fall apart prior to gathering data. When data and...
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“We doubled our turnover thanks to Cognition”: A testimonial from Sparc Systems

by David Buckley on April 28, 2021
Looking back, it’s surprising just how much we did not know about marketing, market development and brand awareness.  Sparc Systems had come a long way with our...
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Cognition co-founds DXG – one of the world’s largest HubSpot Partner Groups

by Lindsey Witcherley on February 22, 2021
Cognition has joined forces with three other leading HubSpot agencies to form DXG – one of the largest HubSpot Partner Groups in the world and an international...
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Triple hire for Birmingham marketing, sales and psychology consultancy

by John Berry on November 26, 2019
Cognition has won 12 new clients since January, which has led to revenue growth of more than £1m and a major recruitment drive. Cognition has won 12 new clients since...
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Business leaders spill the beans on the secrets of their success

by Tim Witcherley on November 20, 2019
More than 80 delegates gathered in Birmingham to hear insider tips of fast business growth at a one-day event hosted by Cognition and BGF. We recently welcomed business...
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Now one of largest HubSpot Diamond Partners in EMEA

by Tim Witcherley on October 15, 2019
As one of the early adopters of sales and marketing software provider HubSpot, we are proud to announce that we have reached the highest level of accreditation for a...
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Intern diaries: My time at Cognition

by Dan Hyslop on September 17, 2019
My name is Dan, I’m 21 and I have just graduated from Nottingham Trent University where I studied Business Management and Marketing.  After graduating in late July, my...
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