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The Science of Storytelling

Storytelling has been a buzz word in business for many years, but few understand it or do it well.

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What is social proof and how can you...

Social proof is a psychological and social phenomenon wherein people imitate the actions and behaviour of others in a given situation.

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10 PPC trends you can’t ignore in 2021

PPC is as fluent and dynamic as it ever has been. The best practices from a couple of years ago may not be the best practices today as the...

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Why digital marketing fails

The marketing world is a demanding, ever-changing environment. Businesses not only have to keep up with current trends and industry developments,...

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4 Key SEO Trends to Follow in 2021

SEO is an important facet of digital marketing in any year, but in 2020 – when more people are buying and browsing online than ever – it has...

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Cognition and Aston University to trial...

Cognition has been awarded a groundbreaking Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Aston University.  

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7 Psychological Techniques of the Most Effective...

In today’s fast-paced world of business and commerce, developing and maintaining an effective marketing strategy requires experience, dedication,...

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What can you learn from playing computer games?

In today's age of total social immersion and rolling lockdowns, how can you ensure that your company keeps on benefiting from electronic media?  

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