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Intern diaries: My time at Cognition

My name is Dan, I’m 21 and I have just graduated from Nottingham Trent University where I studied Business Management and Marketing. After graduating in..

Personalisation for Membership Organisations: The Next Digital Curve

Personalisation in an analogue world is when the owner of your local Indian Restaurant greets you at the door and says, ‘Hello Mr Berry, would you like..

How to Sell and Implement Software Using the Human Brain

According to the CHAOS Report, between 2011 and 2015 just 28.8% of software implementations were considered successful, with the highest failure rate..

What Membership Organisations Don't Know About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is moving at a bewildering rate. The Martech 5000 analysis now reports that 7,040 new digital marketing technologies are now available..

What is Effective Marketing?

For many businesses, the effectiveness of marketing is simply the number of leads generated by specific tactical activity. While lead generation is an..

Cognition and HubSpot Run Successful Joint Event

More than 60 delegates attended an event hosted by Cognition at the iconic Cube Building in Birmingham, featuring speakers from Cognition, HubSpot and an..

Calling all digital marketers: HubSpot event offers inbound marketing tricks from the experts

HubSpot experts will be offering digital marketers tips and tricks to generate and close inbound leads at a new one-day event, hosted by Cognition...

Digital Marketing in 8 Seconds

We used to laugh at the attention span of a goldfish, widely accepted to be 9 seconds at best.     We’re not laughing anymore.   One of the reasons is a..


Digital Transformation is not a matter of choice: it’s a matter of survival. As one of the UK’s leading digital marketing agencies, we have undertaken..

The Tougher the Challenge, the Sweeter the Success

I didn’t want to run today - firstly because it was windy and I knew it would be a b*tch of a run, and secondly because I actually just wanted to sit in..

Sell me this pen - you useless piece of $%*@!

Interviews, Inquisitions and the power of social media   It’s an age-old tactic, “sell me this pen” but it was brought to more widespread attention in the..

10 Tips For A Successful Lead Generation Strategy

Lead generation is a key objective for marketers. But it is also a difficult and time-consuming task. Surprisingly, only 10% of marketers feel that their..

The Numbers That Make Or Break Your Marketing And Sales Funnel

There are many variants to the marketing and sales funnel, and they all share a linear progression from first contact to close and beyond into renewals..

A Day In The Life Of A Charity Sorter

Bags, box sets and bric-a-brac: a day in the life of a charity sorter. Here at Cognition, we are making efforts to give back to the city we now call home..

The ‘Third' Thing You Must Know To Achieve True Engagement In Membership Organisations

A staggering 6,829 new marketing technologies (apps, online platforms, social channels) have been launched between 2011 and 2018, with more new..