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COS and effect on the new Cognition website

Content personalised to every user. Automatically adapts to all screen sizes. Simple to design and build. The all-in-one inbound marketing software..

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  Sir Alan Sugar doesn’t like marketing.  He describes a marketing budget as money he’s “p****d up a wall”. Sir Alan’s views are held by many of the..

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What is Effective Marketing? For many businesses, the effectiveness of marketing is simply the number of leads generated by specific tactical..

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Those famous words, spoken by the Franklin D. Roosevelt during his first Presidential address at the height of the Great Depression, have become a part of..

Selling into Europe – first steps

Selling into Europe – first steps Do you want to sell to 508 million European customers? If Yes, what next….?  In my last blog (Get a European Base –..

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  Why Marketing Agencies Over-Promise and Under-Deliver   In any commercial transaction, there are two parties: a buyer and a seller. When things go..