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How the Right CRM System can Help Grow your Business

by Tim Witcherley on May 19, 2020
The customer is everything.  It is the relationships your business enjoys with its customers that determines its success. Customers generate sales, give focus to product...
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Now one of largest HubSpot Diamond Partners in EMEA

by Tim Witcherley on October 15, 2019
As one of the early adopters of sales and marketing software provider HubSpot, we are proud to announce that we have reached the highest level of accreditation for a...
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Cognition and HubSpot Run Successful Joint Event

by Tim Witcherley on May 30, 2019
More than 60 delegates attended an event hosted by Cognition at the iconic Cube Building in Birmingham, featuring speakers from Cognition, HubSpot and an entrepreneur...
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HubSpot Event Offers Inbound Marketing Tricks from the Experts

by Amy Rowe on May 1, 2019
HubSpot experts will be offering digital marketers tips and tricks to generate and close inbound leads at a new one-day event, hosted by Cognition.   UPDATE: This event...
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Common mistakes companies make in HubSpot

by Lindsey Witcherley on September 11, 2018
HubSpot has been around since 2006 and Cognition has been an agency partner for much of that time. We have watched the company grow, seen incredible technical...
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HubSpot and the Automation of Luxury Brands

by Dr Peter Hughes on August 13, 2018
The link between luxury and status is accepted universally: the more money you have, the more you can spend on buying things which are of little productive value but...
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HubSpot Update: New Business Benefits

by Simon Taylor on January 4, 2018
HubSpot has announced some exciting new product updates that will change the way websites are built using the COS system. But what is HubSpot COS and why should you...
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Supercharge your business – hot HubSpot updates

by Lindsey Witcherley on September 29, 2017
HubSpot has unveiled some hot new features and tools this week at the annual INBOUND event in Boston. And here are the details shared by our on-the-spot Cognition team....
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Discover how to reap the business benefits of inbound marketing

by Michael Hadjipourou on March 2, 2017
Traditional, outbound marketing is a method companies would use to seek out prospects and interrupt them in their journey as a potential buyer. However, as these buyers...
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Why the B2B future is marketing automation

by Lindsey Witcherley on November 12, 2015
With 63% of companies that use marketing automation outperforming their competitors (The Lenskold Group) and 79% of the top businesses using marketing automation for...
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The ultimate cheat sheet on inbound marketing

by Lindsey Witcherley on June 30, 2014
The average budget spent on company blogs and social media has nearly tripled over the last three years, and it seems as if everyone is talking about inbound marketing....
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