For 17 years, Cognition has enabled businesses to generate positive, quantifiable change in sales volumes and profit margins across multiple sectors.

The marketing we deliver is integrated across all areas including Digital, Social, PR, Content and Creative. What makes us unique is we are one of the only agencies in the UK to have a dedicated Research, Data and Analytics Department, which acts as the foundation of everything we do. It allows us to gather and utilise marketing data for our clients, which makes every element of their marketing as commercially effective as the world’s biggest companies but at a fraction of the cost.

We call this Marketing Intelligence.

Our methods are evidence-based, psychologically robust and proven to be able to track and respond to the evolution of businesses, brands, markets and customer needs in real time.

For rigour and results, there is no marketing agency more effective than Cognition.

Marketing Intelligence is all about precision


See how our proven process delivers sustainable results


Data & Market Insight

Insight-driven marketing is traditionally the preserve of large corporations with big budgets. Not anymore.

We use data to identify your ideal prospects, and then develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to target and convert them.



Branding has 2.86 times more impact on bottom line profit than operational efficiency (PA Consulting). Effective marketing depends on understanding that your brand is defined by your customers.

We provide you with timely and relevant data to enable your brand to remain coherent and effective as your customers’ preferences evolve.


Content & Creative

To win business in the digital age you need to offer useful, compelling information that helps prospects with their research and decision-making.

With the right strategy and tactical marketing, you can stand out from the competition and demonstrate your expertise in way that builds authority and drives growth.


PR & Social

Our PR and social marketing is grounded in evidence to ensure the right messages reach the right people at the right time.

Digitally mature companies (known as digirati) outperform their competitors and generate on average 9% more revenue and 26% more net profit.

Our clients grew by 3x the average

last year alone.

(Source: Grant Thornton)

You’ll generate significantly more awareness, demand and sales because our approach ensures your marketing is based on evidence and insight
Our clients grew by:
3 times
the average, last year alone.

(Source: Grant Thornton)

You’ll generate significantly more awareness, demand and sales because our approach ensures your marketing is based on evidence and insight

Latest Work

"I think the Route to Growth (RTG) has been a great way of objectively sense checking what we "thought" we knew while also creating new and useful insight into the market we are going to enter. It has been highly valuable to us."

− Gary Brennand - Hope Construction Materials

"A marketing business that is prepared to be held accountable for return on investment by their customer has a USP over it's competitors."

− Mark Banton - Parry Group Ltd

"Cognition are very thorough, flexible and adaptable to client needs. The entire team has been a pleasure to work with."

− Shea Karssing - Conosco

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