Learn how we helped Cisco deliver its internal Inclusion and Diversity programme.

Case study: Cisco (Inclusion and Diversity)


“Cognition's use of psychology to inform tactical marketing is both original and effective, especially for large organisations like Cisco.”

Nikki Walker, Cisco

Learn how we helped Cisco deliver its internal Inclusion and Diversity programme.

The business

With an employee count of more than 66,500 across 165 countries, worldwide networking leader Cisco regards its workforce as its competitive advantage. That’s why the company invests significant time and effort in creating a strong corporate culture that fosters innovation, creativity and collaboration. 


The challenge

Cisco asked Cognition for help in delivering its internal Inclusion and Diversity programme. Their I&D campaign – ‘MoreTogether’ – was in the process of being rolled out across Europe, and was due to be launched in the Middle East, Africa and Russia.

Our challenge was to bring MoreTogether alive, working within the existing framework of the campaign and bearing in mind the differing levels of awareness across the regions. In fact, there were several constraints to consider: the geographical and cultural spread of our audience, the demands already placed on their time and attention, the fact that not all worked in offices, the prevalence of negative attitudes about the value of I&D, and the timescale we had to work to.


The solution

Cognition’s response to this challenge was to create a show-stopping campaign that would transcend all the logistical problems by capturing the imagination of employees throughout the company and generating organic momentum. With psychology as our theme, we enlisted the help of psychology expert Dr Peter Hughes to develop some fascinating examples of the psychology behind inclusion and diversity; examples that would help individuals examine their own behaviour from a position of relative objectivity.

Group 226-1

“Fascinating examples of the psychology behind inclusion and diversity”

Nikki Walker, Cisco


The results

This campaign was communicated through multiple channels including videos, team exercises, presentations and displays, all linked by a strong creative identity.

A striking graphical theme – the Cisco Circles – was developed to articulate the idea of expanding in-groups; a key message throughout the campaign. 

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