Learn how we created a brand that gave the Cisco Sustainability team a robust and cohesive identity.

Case study: Cisco Sustainability


“Cognition grasped the brief and managed a complex web of internal stakeholders to deliver more than we expected.”

Nikki Walker, Cisco

Learn how we created a brand that gave the Cisco Sustainability team a robust and cohesive identity.

With an employee count of more than 66,500 across 165 countries, worldwide networking leader Cisco regards its workforce as its competitive advantage. That’s why the company invests significant time and effort in creating a strong corporate culture that fosters innovation, creativity and collaboration.


Cisco initially approached Cognition for strategic and creative help with their Inclusion and Diversity programme. Following success with that, the Sustainability team selected us to create an internal campaign demonstrating Cisco’s commitment to sustainable working practices. 

Our brief was to communicate the progress of Cisco’s live sustainability initiatives to EMEAR staff and other stakeholders, and to encourage individual employees to contribute, thus improving Cisco’s sustainability performance.

Our long-term aim is to make the Cisco brand synonymous with sustainable business practice. 


Cognition created an umbrella brand – OneFuture – under which all sustainability communications now sit. OneFuture was developed with the following aims:

  • to communicate what Cisco is doing

  • to inspire employees to contribute

  • to position Cisco as a global leader in sustainability

The OneFuture brand was designed to work across multiple off- and online channels to allow us to connect with employees in new and interesting ways. In line with the Cisco culture of collaboration, the campaign encourages two-way interaction between the Sustainability team and EMEAR staff. Central to this is the OneFuture social platform that we developed for the Cisco intranet, which enables members to feed back on OneFuture initiatives. 

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“Their use of psychology to inform their tactical marketing is both original and effective, especially for large organisations like Cisco.”

Nikki Walker, Cisco


The results

OneFuture gave the sustainability team a more robust and cohesive identity. It promoted their work from the perspective of the individual, making it more relevant and engaging. As a result, more than 100 employees immediately joined the OneFuture intranet community, and this number has grown with every new piece of activity. Crucially, the OneFuture campaign achieved the buy-in of EMEAR executives who control funding, giving the Sustainability team a stronger voice at all levels of the organisation.

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