'Cognition really challenged us on the ROI of our current marketing spend. I'm surprised how quickly they understood our world.'

Case study: Galebreaker


“We chose Cognition above other agencies because they came with an innovative approach and challenged us on the ROI of our current marketing spend.” 

Jeremy Scudamore, Managing Director, Galebreaker

'Cognition really challenged us on the ROI of our current marketing spend. I'm surprised how quickly they understood our world.' 
(Jeremy Scudamore, Galebreaker)

The business

Galebreaker is a 35-year-old business that manufactures, distributes and installs fabric engineered solutions to protect and ventilate any structure, building or space in agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors.

The business operates in three main markets; agriculture (specifically dairy, beef and pigs), industrial, (power stations and oil and gas rigs) and the commercial sector (including, among others, office blocks, data centres and storage units).


The challenge

As Galebreaker continues to expand its operations across the world, it needs a revised proposition and messaging that both reflects its varied offerings yet is simple enough to understand for a wide range of audiences. 

Additionally, the business has focussed largely on traditional advertising to reach customers but is conscious that with newer, online routes to market available it is not achieving optimal ROI on spend, nor do they have the ability to track this activity to enable optimisation. As well as reaching new audiences using digital marketing, it also wants to be able to track customer journeys through its sales funnel.


The solution

Cognition delivered a series of in depth discovery sessions with the senior team at Galebreaker – each one focussed on a different arm of the business. Cognition’s discovery sessions are designed to get under the skin of a business and challenge the way it thinks, feels and acts. 

Following the sessions, Cognition redefined Galebreaker’s messaging and values – encapsulating Galebreaker’s business with the strapline: “Your guard against the elements.” The proposition was simplified and Cognition created a multi-channel, fully integrated go-to-market strategy for each arm of Galebreaker. The two-pronged strategy comprised quick wins and longer term tactics, including search, social media and email marketing – meaning Galebreaker is able to generate immediate ROI while Cognition creates a new website.

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“Cognition’s team is absolutely thorough. They know marketing, but more importantly, they know how to onboard a client – how to understand them. They dropped into our world, and I’m surprised how quickly they understood it.”

Jeremy Scudamore, Managing Director, Galebreaker

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