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Case study: Finbourne


“We chose Cognition because of their belief that good marketing involves making the complex simple, and that’s exactly what they did for us.” 


Learn how we successfully repositioned Finbourne Technology within the fintech market.

The business

Finbourne Technology is a fintech company that develops tools that power investment data processes for organisations across the investment industry, from hedge funds to global investment institutions.

By creating innovative tools like LUSID, an API-first, SaaS Investment Data Management System (IDMS), Finbourne is striving to reduce the cost of investing and increase the transparency of the industry.


The challenge

Finbourne were introducing trailblazing yet complex tools into an industry accustomed to legacy systems, and they were targeting a range of audiences, each with their own specific pain points. 

They approached Cognition for support in clarifying their product propositions and refining their messaging to ensure that the benefits of their products were clear to every audience they were targeting. Finbourne were also looking for strategic advice around whether they should create a separate brand for their LUSID product, or keep LUSID under the Finbourne brand.


The solution

Cognition’s strategic marketing experts carried out in-depth competitor analysis to gain a clear understanding of Finbourne’s ideal position in the market, alongside a range of customer and stakeholder workshops. 

The insight this research provided enabled Cognition to reposition Finbourne within the fintech industry, creating a new brand identity for the business to establish their new position in the market. They were also able to segment their target audiences and create messaging tailored to each audience, which would increase Finbourne’s ability to engage each audience.

Cognition also designed and developed a new website for Finbourne. It was built and designed to stand out from typical fintech websites while also reflecting the simplicity of Finbourne’s products. Cognition’s brand specialists used linear shapes to represent data in a flowing ‘chaos to order’ theme that runs throughout the site.

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“Our new brand identity and messaging has made it much easier for our audiences to understand the benefits of working with us.”


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